Maximize The Sales Value of Your iPhone 4 Before The iPhone 5 Is Announced

Should You Move On? One thing we get asked frequently by our friends and family regarding gadgets is when they should ditch a device? The question comes for one of two reasons: They see a new device, and wonder if it’s good enough that they should upgrade Or a product is rumored to come out [...]


The Amazon Tablet Looks Nothing Like The Android You’re Used To Seeing

The TechCruch news of the legendary Amazon tablet is pretty amazing. No more conjectures, no more waiting for confirmation. Amazon has given the a member of the media a chance to see, touch, and demo the Amazon Kindle tablet. So, what is it? The gist of it is a 7″ screen that looks and feels [...]


Will The Amazon Tablet Be The iPad’s Top Competitor?

The iPad has taken off and became a huge success overnight when it was launched back in 2010. It’s been tough for other similar devices to compete, but many have held strong. Well, now there’s a new contender, one that the research firm Forrester is claiming will be a huge success – possibly even the [...]


How To Know When To Buy Your Next Apple Product

Apple users are notoriously early adopters. We love new products. We all want the latest and greatest, and last years model feels so “last year”. We are driven by WHAT is coming and WHEN! I recently posted a few reasons Apple might have to keep their product dates under wraps. But that doesn’t change the [...]

Because The iPad Isn’t Versatile Enough Already – Monumental iPad SLAP

Speaking of iPads, click here to check out our iPad accessories page.


Alternative Uses For The iPad 2

I have a friend who owns both an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2.  I asked him once why he never uses his iPad (since he carries it with him everywhere) and he just looked at me and said “I wish I never bought it.  I can do everything it does on my iPhone”.  Pretty [...]


Is the HP TouchPad the Best iPad Alternative?

When you pick a gadget, especially a tablet, you are effectively hitching your caboose to the company making the product. Some people want a non-Apple device. Maybe these people don’t like the way Apple does business; or maybe these people have a uncontrollable fear of fruit. The HP TouchPad is the best alternative to the [...]


R.I.P. iPod

The iPod is pretty much done. Not done done, yet, but pretty much. Apple sold 22.7 million iPods at the end of 2008, its peak season. Since then, iPod sales have been on a steady decline, with sales for the third quarter of 2011 projected at 8.4 million units. What gives? Well, I suppose it’s [...]


Amazon Tablet… You Want Some Proof?

Can anyone remember back as far as 2009? Rumors of an Apple iPad were starting to emerge again. The iPhone was taking off, and people were excited about touch devices. Rumors were all over the place — and most were dead wrong — but there was smoke. And there was fire. Brian Blair from Wedge [...]


Suite of iPhone Apps Bring Technology to the Golf Course

The iPhone is such a powerful tool. It seems like everyday developers strench the device to a whole new spectrum of ability. It’s not too late in the season to talk about how the developers at Shotzoom started with the basics, and eventually developed a suite of apps with impressive technology to use on and [...]

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