ZAGGkeys Solo

New Product Coming Soon: ZAGGkeys SOLO – A Standalone Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablets

ZAGGkeys SOLO is a standalone Bluetooth keyboard for tablets. It will come in various colors and act as a stand that supports the tablet in both portrait and landscape view. Watch for ZAGGkeys SOLO to hit very soon. More Tablet Keyboards by ZAGG: ZAGGfolio Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2 ZAGGmate


TSA Agent Steals $50K In Electronics From Airline Passengers

Don’t you just love flying? I actually prefer it to driving. It might cost more, but when I can get to California in just under 2 hours, it’s worth it if I don’t have to drive for 12 hours. But I hate going through security. It’s so awkward and uncomfortable. I’m always worrying about if [...]


100,000 Apps For The iPad

The owners of Apple’s iPad must be very excited about now having 100,000 apps to choose from, says a Macstories report. According to Mashable, this is quite an incredible accomplishment for the company. The original iPad was launched just over a year ago in April 2010. A year later in March, the device had 75,000 [...]


Turn Your iPad In To A Multi-Effects Pedal

Do you love your iPad?  Of course you do.  They are neat.  But if you’re like most Apple product owners, you are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to use your device, whether that be new apps, accessories, whatever.  This post is for those of you who own an iPad and also love to [...]


Facebook’s iPad App

It’s been over a year since the iPad went on sale, and now Facebook may finally be ready to launch an app for iPad users. According to a New York Times report, people briefed on Facebook’s plan say it’s only a matter of a few weeks before the social network phenomenon debuts its free iPad [...]


Get Rid of Your Remote Controls

Walk into pretty much any home and look on the coffee table or entertainment center.  You will likely notice an various assortment of remote controls.  Whether it is a television, gaming system, DVD or Blu-Ray player or sound system, seemingly every type of technology is controlled by it’s own remote control.  With a smartphone, all [...][1]

New Study: E-readers More Popular Than Tablets

Ads for tablets are everywhere.  The Apple iPad is a household name.  Everyone has heard about it.  But, as it turns out, that popularity does not translate into sales.  According to a new study performed by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, e-readers like’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook are more popular [...]


Technology That’s Ahead Of Its Time

Sometimes technology is a little ahead of its time and the world is just not ready for it.  Even though the idea behind the gadget is a great one, people just aren’t ready for it and the product flops.  Either that, or the product is sometimes just too expensive. Mashable recently posted an article about [...]

ipad fbook app

Facebook app rumors

The news is out! Facebook is in the final stages of developing an “official” Facebook app for the iPad. Finally, after about a year with the iPad we will finally have an official Facebook app. Took enough time, eh? Rumor has it it may launch in the coming weeks, or at least we’ll hear more [...]


You Decide! Who deserves 2 free iPad keyboards? (Plus, enter to win just by voting!)

And the winners are… (Note to winners: Please check your Facebook inbox for instructions on claiming your prize. In the event that we are unable to contact you via Facebook, please comment below and we will get in touch with you.) Mike Lusthaus Jessa Dobbs Kelly Phillips Michelle Worden Stillson Eprahhl Eumm Ashwin Lakhi Jennifer [...]

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