Evomail For Android Is Finally Here

Back in June, I told you about Evomail, a beautiful, gesture-controlled email app for iPhone and iPad. It’s found its permanent place on the home screen dock of my iPad mini. I’ve been beta testing the Android version of Evomail on my Galaxy S4 for the last month, and I’m excited to tell you that [...]


The 2nd Largest School District In The USA Is Buying Every Kid An iPad

Los Angeles Unified School district is the second largest district in the United States, serving 640,000 kids. By late next year, each and every one of them will have their own iPad. The district already purchased 31,000 of them in their initial order. If we assume they get them for $400 each, the final bill [...]


This Gadget Turns Your iPad Into A Projector

Do you ever find yourself packing for a presentation and ending up with more bags and boxes than can be humanly carried?  I regularly find myself entreating my coworkers for assistance when it comes to big meetings and presentations so that I can somehow make it to said meeting with everything necessary to wow a [...]


Living In New York City With Google Now: The Features I Love And The Features I Wish It Had

For the first few months I was living in the city, I had an old phone that no longer held a charge or had room for many apps. In late February I was finally able to purchase a Nexus 4 and have spent the last 5 months in a relationship with Google Now that is [...]


How To Baby-Proof Your iPad Using iOS

Technology is the savior of busy parents. Hand a child an iPhone or iPad and you’ve bought yourself some “me” time. Recently, my husband and I traveled from Utah to New York. Now that our son had hit the incredibly busy 14-month old mark, a longer flight wasn’t going to be as easy as when [...]


Apple Continues To Aim For Business And Education Markets With iOS 7

With each iteration of Apple’s popular iOS mobile operating system, the company makes it clear that they are serious about business and education users. In the early days of iOS, many segmented the popular platform as more for consumers focused experience as any enterprise features were either lacking or missing all together. Some even suggested [...]


Here’s What iOS 7 Will Look Like On Your iPad

The guys over at 9to5Mac put together this hands on video of iOS 7 (beta) running on an iPad. While the beta version can (and likely will) still change from the finished product, this gives you a pretty good idea what’s coming later this year. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech [...]

new york times

New York Times To Limit How Much You Can Read For Free On Phones And Tablets

If you’re a frequent reader of the New York Times, a new change goes into effect next week that will limit how many articles you can read on your mobile device without paying for a subscription. Beginning one week from today, June 27, the New York Times will only allow mobile users to read 3 [...]


These iOS 7 Features Were Not Mentioned In The WWDC Keynote

There is only so much you can say in 2+ hours. That was the case at Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference keynote on Monday as the technology company highlighted the many changes and upgrades to their mobile OS, iOS 7 along with other Mac software and hardware announcements. What was left out though? What [...]


The One Email App to Rule Them All: Evomail

For most of us, email is a necessary evil to our daily lives (arguable more evil than necessary). The idea of “inbox zero” is practically a foreign concept. In the time it takes to reply to one email, three more have come in. How do you track, organize and make sense of it all? How [...]

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