Not All Apple Devices Will Be Able To Upgrade To iOS 7 — See The List Here

Yesterday, Apple showed us the future of iOS with its seventh major version. Love it or hate it, it’s undoubtedly a departure from the skeuomorphic design language of all previous versions. It’s more flat and less fluff. iOS 7 is available in BETA form for developers already and will be available to the public “this fall” [...]


Everyone With An iPhone Is Playing Dots — Here’s What You Need To Know About It

Dots, the extremely addicting iPhone game by Betaworks One has been downloaded over 3,000,000 times and now it’s available for iPad. Its simplicity in design and social connectivity generate the formula of a successful app. Your goal is to connect as many of the same color dots in the allotted time to score. It’s one [...]


Apple WWDC Keynote Date Confirmed: Are You Ready?

Ah, it comes but once a year. No, I’m not talking about Christmas, but for some Apple fans, it might as well be. The event in question is Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference, but more specifically, the keynote that kicks it all off. The date of the keynote has been confirmed as Monday, June [...]


Square Stand Turns Your iPad Into A Real Cash Register

By now, you’ve probably heard of Square, the mobile payments platform that enables you to accept credit or debit cards from your phone or tablet. It works by plugging a small card reader attachment to the headphone jack of your device, then transmitting the data (securely, of course) over the Internet and processing the payment. [...]


This Is The First Music Video Ever Recorded In Space [VIDEO]

After a five month mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS), astronaut Chris Hadfield and his two crew mates returned to Earth yesterday. But before they did, Commander Hadfield recorded the first music video in outer space: a cover of David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’. The video went viral and currently has over 6 million views [...]


US Cellular Customers: The iPhone Is Coming

In it’s quarterly earnings call last Friday, U.S. Cellular told investors they’ll be adding Apple products – specifically the iPhone – to their device lineup later this year. She didn’t specify when we could expect to see it, but made a point to say that her company is losing customers without it. It makes sense, [...]


Evomail: Finally A Great Email App Comes To iPad

If  you think about the most common things people do with their iPad, email is almost always towards the top of the list. Apple’s standard Mail app that comes preloaded on all iPads works fine, but some find it certain features. We’ve seen new and improved email apps for the iPhone (Mailbox, anyone?) but really [...]


Will Tablets Still Be Around in 5 Years?

When you talk about tablets, it’s impossible not to talk about the iPad. It’s quite incredible, really, how much the iPad has changed the computing landscape in just three years of existence. For those of us who rely on them every day, it’s almost hard to think back on our lives before them. In just [...]


Google Now Finally Comes To iPhone And iPad

If you have the Google Search app on your iPhone or iPad, make sure to get the update to version 3.0, available in the AppStore today. It includes Google Now, which was previously only available for Android devices. Google Now is one of the big things I like about Android, so being available on my [...]


How To Access Hidden Keyboard Functions On iPad

I’m always a huge fan of anything that will help me to be more efficient.  In this case, using your iPad just got easier thanks to DetroitBORG.  This short video teaches you how to access different letter language options (if only a regular keyboard was this easy!), access website shortcuts, and The Basics: Begin by [...]

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