Just Say No

7 Great Reasons to Not Buy the New iPad

Last week I wrote a post entitled ‘Stupid Reasons Not to Buy the New iPad‘. I received a ton of feedback on the post ranging from wholehearted agreement to vitriolic hatred, including one guy who said I should be fired and my house burnt to the ground for being closed minded (better not post my [...]

lilypad battery

LilyPad iPad Case Offers 12 Days Battery Life

Remember paper-thin printable solar panels? Well, people are starting to make some pretty cool things with them, like the LilyPad. The LilyPad is a solar-powered iPad case that promises 12 ½ days straight of blissful iPad use. It has an extra battery built-in to make this possible. There are two reasons why you might need [...]

ZAGGfolio 4

Is This The Next Great iPad 2 Accessory?

ZAGG is already home to the best-selling iPad 2 accessories and the company just hit another home run with the ZAGGfolio. The ZAGGfolio takes the best elements of its previous iPad keyboards and adds new features to create a keyboard case that addresses the needs of iPad owners on several fronts. CLICK HERE TO PRE [...]


The ‘What Would You Do’ Entries That Are Too Dangerous For The Final Cut

We are in the middle of taking applications for our ‘What Would You Do‘ contest. In this phase of the contest, applicants submit what they are willing to do for a free iPad 2 and a free iMac. The top applicants will move on to the next round, which will include voting. The candidates that receive the [...]


iPad 2: A freeloader’s review

So, I haven’t purchased an iPad 2 for myself yet, but still got caught up in the excitement of launch day and wanted to at least ‘heft’ one for myself. After dinner with my family, we went to a 3rd party Apple store to see the Cupertino Company’s latest gem. The store had sold out [...]


iPad 2 Revealed

So as many you tech-savvy (read: nerds) people like myself already know, Apple officially revealed the iPad 2. The new model features some new upgrades over the first model, and will ship to stores on March 11th.  The prices are the same as the original, $499 for the 16GB to $699 for the 64GB. With [...]

[UPDATED] POLL: Which interests you more, iPad 2 or Xoom?

Please let us know what you think… Loading… UPDATE: 71% iPad 2 29% Xoom

[UPDATED] POLL: Which are you most excited about, iPad 2 or iPhone 5?

There is a lot of buzz and rumors surrounding both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. Both the iPhone 4 and iPad have seen success among mobile device users. So let us know, which are you most excited about? Results: iPad 2 – 47% iPhone 5 – 42% Neither – 11% Loading…


iPad 2 Tech Spec Rumors

WARNING:  The following post is full of unverified rumors and speculation about the upcoming iPad 2, as it has tentatively been named.  There are no solid facts about this upcoming product from Apple, since the company has not yet released any official statements regarding it, but naturally the internet is full of rumors.  Herein you [...]


Is this the new iPad?

Image Source: www.engadget.com At CES, the tech site, Engadget stumbled across a possible mockup of Apple’s next generation iPad tablet. This is not their first sighting of possible evidence of the fabled product at the show, but this particular iteration is the most complete I’ve seen. The prototype was constructed of aluminum similar to the current iPad [...]