iPhone Speed Test

[Viral Video] Oh How Far We’ve Come – Watch Every iPhone Ever Made Race In These Speed Tests

It’s hard to think back to 2007, when the original iPhone made its first debut, and how amazing it seemed at the time. That’s how technology fools us; incremental upgrades each year aren’t usually significant on their own, at least not enough to see a major breakthrough in speed. It’s only when we look back [...]


Will.i.am’s $500 Gold iPhone 4/4S Case Supercharges Your Camera With Style

Something tells me lines won’t be forming around the block for this one, since it’s an accessory with a price tag more than two brand new iPhones, but it’s much more reasonable than this or this. The case actually serves a purpose and adds actual functionality, unlike the aforementioned bricks of bling. You get a [...]


Facebook will add automatic photo upload to its iPhone app soon

There are a couple of ways to look at the new feature that Facebook is testing for iOS. First, you can think of it as a easy solution if you need to back up your photos. Second, you can think of it as a way for Facebook to capture even more of your life. Easy [...]


How I made an app to help you cheat while playing Letterpress

A couple weeks ago my friend came to me with an app idea: A Letterpress Cheat App. I agreed that we could do it, but that we’d need to do it quickly before the market was flooded. We made the app free, and it’s available in the store today. Design and Launch We spent more [...]


Dock Card: The portable iPhone dock

There are two things wrong with iPhone docks. The first is that they aren’t portable. The second is that they use a single connector, and as Apple just proved dock connectors change. Portable iPhone Dock There are countless iPhone docks out there. Some of them are very well designed. Some of them are not very [...]


The iPhone 5 had the biggest launch ever, and failed?

I love my iPhone 5. The hardware is solid and light. The software is fast and responsive. The level of detail Apple put into this product blows me away almost every time I pull it out. Wall Street was also impressed when the iPhone was announced. The stock price went up to a record high [...]

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Should you upgrade your iPhone 4 to iOS 6?

Everyone is talking about the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. The new hardware is gorgeous. In my anecdotal experience, Gruber wasn’t exaggerating: This iPhone 5 review unit is the single nicest object in my possession. I own things that cost and remain worth more (e.g. my car). But I own nothing this nice. It sounds [...]

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The iPhone 5’s new display – bigger and better

The ZAGGBlog writers picked up a few iPhone 5s to test and review them for our readers. The first thing everyone asks… What’s different about it this time? The iPhone 5 is the summation of quite a few small changes that ultimately lead to a very different device. The largest and most obvious change is [...]


What the iPhone 5′s Lightning port means for your accessories

Three things you need to know about the new Lightning cable in the iPhone 5: 1- Many of your accessories won’t work even with an adaptor The 30 pin connector took advantage of an analog signal. That means that the iPhone was sending out a video and audio signal similar to what you’d expect over [...]


T-Mobile will be selling ‘against’ the iPhone. Not getting it — again.

Those of us who like to keep our phone bills cheap have either moved to Sprint, or are holding out hope for a T-Mobile iPhone. It seems the hold will continue, because the new training program at T-Mobile is setting September sales goals to sell ‘against’ the iPhone. Perhaps it’s coincidental that the information for [...]

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