iPhone 5 Camera Vs. HTC One Camera [PHOTOS]

The fine folks at iMore have put together a great comparison showing off the camera capabilities of Apple’s iPhone 5 and the brand spanking new HTC One. If you’re considering the HTC One for your next phone and you take a lot of pictures (who doesn’t, these days?), you’ll find yourself scrutinizing these photos. To [...]


Drop Test: Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5

Android Authority has created another drop test video against the two smartphone titans, iPhone and the Android Galaxy. This time, they put the iPhone 5 against the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Although, it’s not entirely clear which glass type Apple uses for their display, we do know Samsung has been using Gorilla Glass in its [...]


10,000 iPhones Used as Dominoes [VIDEO]

The creative folks at Aatma Studios are the ones who brought you the iPhone 5 concept video (the one with the laser keyboard) back in 2011. Their latest computer-generated trick incorporates more brilliant CG animation to show off what 10,000 iPhones would look like if they were stacked as dominoes. How cool is that? No word [...]


Samsung Has Announced A Huge Phone Called Galaxy Mega – Here’s How Its Size Compares To Other Smartphones

If you thought the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was big, well, the new Galaxy Mega phones Samsung announced today make it a dwarf in comparison. There are two models – one with a 5.8-inch screen and one with a 6.3-inch screen. While bigger is usually better, and bigger smartphones are definitely the trend these days. Has [...]


How Fast Is T-Mobile’s 4G LTE Network?

Earlier today, T-Mobile announced the launch of their 4G LTE network. It’s a huge step up in speed for the nation’s 4th-largest wireless carrier, and certainly a sign of the times. BGR went hands-on at the event today with a few T-Mobile-specific 4G LTE devices to bring you some speed test results of just how [...]

iphone5-cost-by-carrier-att-verizon-sprint-tmobile 2

Chart: The Cost Of Owning An iPhone 5 On Each Of The Four Carriers

Now that T-Mobile has joined the other three national carriers in its ability to offer the iPhone, I thought I’d do some quick math to figure out the cost of owning an iPhone 5 (for two years) for each of them. What you’ll see below probably won’t come as a surprise to you if you [...]


It’s Official: T-Mobile Will Begin Selling iPhone 5 On April 12th

T-Mobile announced this morning that they will finally begin selling the iPhone. Earlier this week, the released new rate plans, which coincide with their new 4G LTE network I told you about yesterday. If you want an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile, it’ll be available starting Friday, April 12, with a $99 down payment. After that, [...]


Apple’s Two New iPhone 5 Ads [VIDEOS]

On the eve of the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, Apple released two new ads for the iPhone 5. I’ve embedded them below for you to watch. Do you think the iPhone 5 will remain competitive against the Galaxy S4? Let me know on Twitter: @mbchp. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great [...]


Will The Next iPhone Charge Without Wires?

After waiting for years, we’re finally starting to see wireless electricity gain traction. Some smartphones, such as the Nokia Lumia 920, feature wireless charging. As more smartphones include wireless charging, rumors will increasingly beg to question — Will the iPhone 5 charge wirelessly? There’s no compelling evidence yet, but let’s investigate the possibilities. Why Apple would [...]


For $249 You Can Send Your iPhone 5 To This Company And They’ll Anodize It In Color

If you’ve gotten bored with the black/slate or white/silver colors of your iPhone 5, AnoStyle can help. They’ll anodize your iPhone in one (or multiple) colors, which will guarantee it doesn’t feel like the same iPhone all your friends have. If you’re not familiar with anodization, you can find out more about it here. They’ll [...]

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