Watch Apple’s latest iPhone 5 Ads: Orchestra and Turkey

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, this new iPhone 5 ad seems fitting. It shows off Shared Photo Streams, which I wrote in length about back in September. Check it out. The second ad shows off the noise cancelling microphone of the iPhone 5. Personally, I think the ad is a bit stale and it doesn’t do much [...]


How I made an app to help you cheat while playing Letterpress

A couple weeks ago my friend came to me with an app idea: A Letterpress Cheat App. I agreed that we could do it, but that we’d need to do it quickly before the market was flooded. We made the app free, and it’s available in the store today. Design and Launch We spent more [...]


Olloclip for iPhone 5 Now Available for Pre-Order

One of my favorite accessories for my iPhone is the Olloclip, an external lens system that gives you three unique perspectives: fisheye, wide angle and macro. When I got rid of my trusty iPhone 4S in September, I missed the Olloclip, since it wouldn’t work with the new, thinner iPhone 5. Today, Olloclip announced their [...]


AT&T Rolling Out FaceTime Over Cellular for iPhone Users

We all know that in the U.S. FaceTime has been available on Sprint and Verizon over cellular data for free since iOS 6 came out. I know that using it with my family over cellular data has been quite a bit of fun. AT&T Announcement Apparently it will take a bit of time before AT&T [...]


Dock Card: The portable iPhone dock

There are two things wrong with iPhone docks. The first is that they aren’t portable. The second is that they use a single connector, and as Apple just proved dock connectors change. Portable iPhone Dock There are countless iPhone docks out there. Some of them are very well designed. Some of them are not very [...]


You knew this was coming: Will it blend? iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3

The fine folks at Blendtec always produce great videos for us to enjoy, blending, liquifying, pulverizing, and otherwise obliterating the latest tech. They’ve done it again, this time in an Phone 5 vs.  Galaxy S3, side-to-side face off. Check it out. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and good conversation. If [...]


Want to browse a huge collection of iPhone 5 wallpapers? There’s a Tumblr for that

If you’re looking for wallpapers with the correct dimensions for the iPhone 5, check out iPhoneFiveWallpapers.tumblr.com. I stopped scrolling after a few minutes because they just kept coming. It’s probably safe to say there’s something there for everyone. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and good conversation. If Twitter isn’t [...]


Apple’s Lightning Authenticator Chip Already Cloned

Interested in getting an extra cable or adapter for your iPhone 5 or 5th Generation iPod Touch? The 30 pin adapter from Apple costs a whopping $29. An extra cable is around $19. The 30-Pin cable went as low as $3.12 on a site like Monoprice. A couple weeks ago, we learned that Apple had [...]


Here’s a time-lapse video of a sunset made with iPhone 5 and Triggertrap

Hopefully one of the reasons your follow ZAGGblog is for new ideas, cool tips and suggestions, app recommendations, and demos. This post brings you all of those in one. Triggertrap is a unique, innovative app and hardware combination for iPhone and Android. I’m writing this after having used it for iPhone, but I’m sure the [...]

square iphone starbucks wallet

Starbucks to support Square Wallet starting in November

Starbucks is now officially supporting the new Passport App on iOS 6 with their latest update. The company is doing a great job supporting latest technology. The store has also announced that they will be supporting Square Wallet starting early next month. Back in August, Starbucks announced that they would be investing $25 million in [...]

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