Learn ASL On Your iPhone Or iPad From Marlee Matlin

You probably recognize Marlee Matlin.  She is an award winning actress who I first got to know as Joey Lucas in The West Wing, but is currently a regular on Switched at Birth on ABC Family.  Fun fact: Marlee Matlin is the only deaf performer to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in a [...]

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Upcoming App For Blind Photographers Is Full Of Unique Features

At first glance (seriously, no pun intended), you might wonder whether there are many blind photographers who need mobile apps in the world. It turns out, there are. And accessibility researchers at UC Santa Cruz want to help them take and share photos better. The researchers surveyed legally blind and partially blind tech users and made [...]


Acting Out! iPhone App Is Charades Meets Draw Something: Film Yourself And Your Opponent Guesses The Word

With both a free and paid version available, Acting Out!, is an iPhone game that tests your charades skills — both acting and guessing skills. It’s a pretty straightforward idea, you are given a word and you film yourself acting out the word or phrase. Your video is then sent to an opponent who must guess [...]


The $999.99 iPhone App That Keeps Your Flag Football Rec League Stats

Some good new and bad news for flag football enthusiasts. The good news is that there’s an excellent app to help you track the stats in your local rec league. Input passing yards, receiving yards, scores, and interceptions across multiple teams. Add location, dates, and times to your games. The app description also lists a upload by [...]


How To Combine Multiple iPhone Screenshots To Make A Single Image

Let’s say you have a long text conversation with someone and you want to screenshot the whole thing. The conversation is so long that you need 3 separate screenshots to capture it all. Now, if you want to reference those screenshots or share them, you have to do so with each of the 3 individual images. [...]

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How can I use less data on my iPhone?

Last month I went over my 2 GB data limit for the first time. I’ve found two ways to prevent this from happening: a) Don’t use the internet b) Install Onavo Extend on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. Save up to 80% bandwidth The Onavo Extend app uses Onavo servers to compress data before sending it to [...]


Spotify Is Now On Your iPad

Until recently, premium subscribers to Spotify that wanted to use the service on their iPad had to make do with running the iPhone app. Now all that has changed, and the new app brings features to the table that many iPad users will appreciate. Spotify’s developers considered use-case for the iPad while crafting the new [...]


Microsoft Releases Its First iOS Game: Kinectimals

Do you have a deep desire to own a cub but your current living conditions don’t permit you to? Kinectimals is the perfect way to get get away to your happy place and spend some time with your favorite furry friends.  These cubs can be yours for the small price of $2.99. Though this app [...]


Hungry? “BiteNow”

BiteHunter, a new mobile app that is used to find nearby dining deals, has just completed a $800,000 funding round. Additional resources, new features being developed, and ongoing maintenance of the database will be provided from that funding. The app launched on iOS back in June, initially  in New York, San Francisco and Chicago.  The company launched [...]

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Oink, a new app that will be launched soon, will give users the option to rank, compare, share, and discvoer things. Users can rank items with the following options:  Love it, Like it, Soso, or dislike it, and there is the option to add it to a “to do” list. Let’s say a user wants [...]

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