This iPhone Case Is Also A Health Monitoring Device

Wello, is the name of the iPhone case that was built so you can easily monitor your vital signs. This case will measure your heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and blood oxygen levels. It will even display the ECG (electrical) waves from your heart and you also have the ability to test your lung function [...]

Yellow Jacket

The 650k Volt Stun Gun iPhone Case

Are you frustrated by the fact that your iPhone doesn’t have an app for personal defense? If so, Yellow Jacket has an answer with its iPhone case. Their case houses a 650k volt stun gun and provides up to 20 additional hours of battery life.  On its IndieGogo page, which is similar to Kickstarter, they advertise [...]

Bacon iPhone Case

9 Deliciously Appetizing Foodie iPhone Cases

Food and tech. There’s no better combination. Here are some of our favorite food iPhone cases that may just leave you drooling. Keep them away from your hungry friends! These may be a bit too realistic for their appetites. Chocolate Bar iPhone Case Pop Tart iPhone Case Sushi iPhone Case Eggs & Bacon iPhone Case [...]


The 2 Types of Apple Hardware Leaks…

So. If you follow the rumor sites there are always a few images that get leaked. An internal image like a microphone or camera cable, and a case design, or even the case itself. I have given quite a bit of thought as to why the blogs keep publishing these images. I think we all [...]


Harness the power of the sun to charge your phone on the go

It’s been mentioned multiple times on this blog how smartphones are big on style, but short on battery life, leaving us searching for a power outlet everywhere we go. Not only is it inconvenient, it isn’t exactly “green” either. Fortunately, need drives innovation, and a new solar-powered charging case may help make keeping your iPhone [...]

Screen Shot 2011-11-28 at 6.43.23 PM

Polaroid Photos from an iPhone?

Check out this visionary concept for the iPhone. It’s brought to you by designer Mac Funamizu.  The latest version of this case is called the Sophie.  It is pure genius!  It prints photos just like a Polaroid.  It can also print geo tagged map locations and QR codes. I love all things vintage, so I [...]


Would You Buy A $220 iPhone Case?

Whenever people see my iPhone 4, I am often asked the question “Why don’t you have a case on it?”  A swirl of thoughts then run through my head, things like “I don’t want my phone to be bulky” or “I like the look of the iPhone 4 by itself, I don’t need some nasty [...]


How Does This Weird iPhone Ear Case Make You Feel?

We know you’re all fans of the creepy iPhone hand case, so we thought you’d like this too… Source: http://thisisnthappiness.com

Hand Case

The Creepiest iPhone Case EVER!!

These images were posted at LikeCool.com: So creepy….