Colored iPhone 5?

Recently SlashGear shared an iPhone concept design on their site we thought you’d like. Antoine Brieux has a flare for the creative, and a great eye for product design. Honestly it’s hard to find anything but a bland iPhone 5 mockup online. We certainly haven’t seen many designs that didn’t use a color besides silver, [...]


What Will The Next iPhone Look Like?

The iPhone is everywhere. I know so many people who have one, and sometimes I find myself getting quite jealous. They’re easy to use, can do so many things, and let’s not forget how sleek and nice they look. The first time I saw the iPhone, the way it looked was the first thing I [...]


R.I.P. iPod

The iPod is pretty much done. Not done done, yet, but pretty much. Apple sold 22.7 million iPods at the end of 2008, its peak season. Since then, iPod sales have been on a steady decline, with sales for the third quarter of 2011 projected at 8.4 million units. What gives? Well, I suppose it’s [...]

iPhone Horn

Make your iPhone louder while on the go

Sometimes you want to watch a short video with a friend or two, but you need to boost the sound because it is barely audible. There are a lot of options for iPhone speakers, but I’m going to highlight a couple of audio-boosters that stood out to me. My goal is to help you make [...]

OKCupid app

Find dates nearby with OKCupid’s updated mobile app

Online dating services have been around for years, but OKCupid just added some new location-based features to its service that will make it a bit easier for geeks to meet up.

Download Songify, Record a ZAGG Song, Send It To Us, and Win

Songify is a free iPhone app (for Android, try MicDroid) that, according to cnet, “takes spoken text and then tunes, chops, and sequences it with pre-written backround music” and creates a musical number. We have a blast with this app so we thought we’d ask you to create some ZAGG-themed Songify songs. To make it [...]


Suite of iPhone Apps Bring Technology to the Golf Course

The iPhone is such a powerful tool. It seems like everyday developers strench the device to a whole new spectrum of ability. It’s not too late in the season to talk about how the developers at Shotzoom started with the basics, and eventually developed a suite of apps with impressive technology to use on and [...]


My First Smartphone: Not the iPhone. Deal With It.

I did it. I got the Motorola Droid X2. Not the iPhone. I hope the hate mail doesn’t come in too fast. So before I do a post reviewing the phone, let me explain my decision and see if you agree. The decision to go the Android route was a tough one for me, but [...]


Get Rid of Your Remote Controls

Walk into pretty much any home and look on the coffee table or entertainment center.  You will likely notice an various assortment of remote controls.  Whether it is a television, gaming system, DVD or Blu-Ray player or sound system, seemingly every type of technology is controlled by it’s own remote control.  With a smartphone, all [...]

apple location app

Social media comes to life

Apple applied for a patent last week for a new kind of social app: one based on your location. Instead of finding friends online purely because of like interests or similar life goals, this app allows users to meet people in person based on their personal profiles, some data from their phone, and their locations. [...]

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