iPhone App Makes Adding Friends On Facebook Easier

Ever have a hard time finding people on Facebook? Especially people you’ve just met? Many people are very private, and sometimes that can make them hard to find on Facebook, but the iPhone has changed all that. Now, I’m not saying you should add everybody as a friend just because it’s easy (that’s annoying), but [...]


Apple Patent To Shut Down Recording In Venues Using iPhone Cameras

People use their phones every day. In fact, I don’t know a lot of people where their whole life isn’t on their phone. From checking emails, to uploading pictures on Facebook, to posting your next tweet, to filming your favorite band or sports team at whatever venue they’re playing at. But soon, that may be [...]


AppSpot is Here!

Yahoo’s AppSpot, available for both Android and iPhone, went live on Sunday. The program recommends different apps based on your download history and even your search history. Those aren’t the only criteria for recommendations on AppSpot, though. Every day, the program will determine new apps to serve up for your consideration based on trending web [...]


Apple To Sell Unlocked iPhone 4 In The U.S.

It seems like just about everyone I know owns an iPhone. Every chance I get I take my dad’s iPhone and play games he has on it. I think they’re great. So, I’m sure plenty of people are thrilled about the fact the unlocked iPhone 4 is now available in Apple retail stores. According to [...]


New iPhone To Have 4G Support?

Yes, more iPhone 5 rumors!  You know you love ‘em!  Some of the more recent rumors regarding the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S as analysts have dubbed it) involve a supposed leak of information from Ali Al Ahmad, the Chief Corporate Communication officer for Etisalat, one of the largest cellular carriers for the United Arab [...]


More iOS 5 deets: Custom Vibrations

iOS 5 keeps blowing me away. My latest research brings to light a feature with which you can not only set different vibrations for different contacts (for example “heartbeat” or “symphony”), you can create your own vibrations. Amazing, if you ask me. The logic behind the feature is to enhance accessibility capabilities; in other words, [...]


Ever wish you could really throw some angry birds around?

The latest antic from T-Mobile consisted of constructing a live Angry Birds game. …minus the live birds part. But it’s still pretty rad, if you ask me. Users walk up to a booth and control the game using a tablet. As soon as they start play on the tablet, the game comes to life right in front of them! Wouldn’t you love to see this on your way to work one morning? Sounds like a great excuse to be late to me.


4 Apps For Your Weekend Enjoyment

In a blog posted by Mashable, they discuss four different up-and-coming apps that are unique and becoming more popular. These apps can help give you a more enjoyable weekend, depending on your mood of course. If you’re feeling playful, Shnap for iPhone is just the thing you’re looking for. It will capture your attention and challenge you [...]


Say Hello to the PlayStation Vita

In the gaming world, one of the biggest questions people have is what’s next?  With technology always changing and improving, consumers want the next and best product available.  That was on of the major questions posed to Sony at this year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles.  The answer is the PlayStation Vita.  The Vita is [...]


iOS 5: Stepping on a few toes

It has been a few days since Apple has unveiled its latest update to its iOS mobile operating system and  as a “fanboy,” I’m pretty excited about it. However, as I watched the proceedings, I must say that the immediate reaction that kept cropping up was “(insert tech company or developer here) isn’t going to be happy [...]

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