The Day the Music Died, An Ode to the iPod Classic [Opinion]

As Apple gave life to two new iPhones last month, they also pulled a white sheet over the corpse of another product: the iPod Classic. In its 13 years of life, it became the world’s favorite MP3 player, offering its users storage of up to 160 GB of music in a compact device that fit [...]


Apple Quietly Introduces New, Lower Price iPod Touch Model; Drops the Price on Existing Models

Without any fanfare, special event, and nothing more than a quiet press release, Apple has added a new, low-cost iPod Touch model to its lineup. Beginning today, there’s now a 16 GB model, complete with five color options and a 5 MP iSight camera, available for purchase at $199. In addition to the new model, Apple [...]


Tim Cook Promises Big Year For Apple In 2014

Not that we’d expect him to say anything different, but Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote a note to employees thanking them for their efforts in 2013 and promising a “big year” in 2014. Obviously, he didn’t give any specific plans or products, but come to think of it, 2013 was a fairly quiet year. The [...]


The Best Deals On iPods, iPads And Macs Are On Apple’s eBay Store

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest Apple products for substantially less than retail price (and don’t mind factory refurbished devices), Apple’s unofficial eBay store is the place to look. It offers most of their latest products, certified and refurbished with a one-year warranty, for a lot less than you’ll find them for, even [...]


Mobile Gaming needs tactile controllers as well

Okay, so mobile gaming is taking off. The iPod touch is the ‘funnest iPod.’ We’re all impressed by the graphic and technical advances on these mobile devices. But in the end, they’re still all touch screens. Touch screens are great Nintendo understands the value of a touch screen. Just look at their last couple products. [...]


Apple’s new iPod ad reminds us of Apple’s old iPod ads

Apple has some very iconic ads from the colorful silhouette iPod ads to the Mac vs. PC ads. This week, Apple released its latest ad for the new iPod line. I have to say, it’s one of the best Apple ads in a while. It brings out just how colorful and playful the new iPod [...]


Bath Ball Speaker: Take your iPhone into the shower with you safely

Sometimes shower time is thinking to myself time. Other times, I like to listen to podcasts. I’ve always worried that the iPhone would get damaged from the steam in the bathroom. Ontama – Bathball Coming out of Japan is the Ontama. It’s a small round speaker and case. It plays the sound from your MP3 [...]

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The Perfect Beach Towel For Gadget Lovers

Click here to enter the Carrie Underwood Concert Giveaway Check out this amazing and stylish beach towel that provides just the right amount of comfort with a combination of essential features. TowelMate’s Ultimate Beach Towel is made of 100% pure cotton velour and comes in four signature prints and solids. This two-sided, 70” long towel [...]


Apple is carrying the Nest Learning Thermostat (via @jkhowland)

There were rumors that Apple would be carrying the Nest Learning Thermostat, and it seems they were true. The device is available on the Apple online store for $249.95. It’s not quite in physical stores yet, but it seems to be on it’s way. The Nest device was designed by a team of former Apple [...]


The Mobile Box Office Will Change How You Go To Concerts

Have you been to an indy concert recently? Any kind of live event for that matter? You might run into a situation where you need to go throught he box office, and it takes some time. In fact, at an indy concert I went to recently there was only one person manning the pay booth [...]

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