The Personal Subwoofer

The company known as DigiZoid has released its second version of the personal subwoofer. It’s called the Zo 2. DigiZoid has made the Zo 2’s primary purpose to be a music player (i.e. iPod) sound enhancer. The Zo 2 is meant to turn a music player into an incredible sound experience even if the music [...]

PS Vita Skype

Skype comes to the Vita

With the PS Vita gaining more and more popularity throughout the world today, it’s not surprising to see an application that would make it even more of a hot item. Recently, it was announced that Skype will soon be available for the PS Vita. It has been announced the this app will be free through [...]


This gadget has a little face that lights up and lip syncs the song playing on your iPod

In today’s world, there seems to be no end to the amounts and types of gadgets you can buy. A lot of them are useful and interesting. This one is interesting (kind of) but it’s definitely not useful. It’s called Tengu. It is a little face that lights up and lip syncs the song playing [...]


Is iMessages a text service, or an IM service? (via @jkhowland)

Everyone in my family got iPhones when it became available on Sprint. One of the things I was most excited for was iMessages. Almost everyone I text has an iPhone. Communicating with the Messages App iMessage merges with your text messaging on iOS, and your instant messaging on your computer in iMessages beta. We have [...]


Does Best Buy Sell More iPhones Than Apple Stores?

When you go to buy the latest Apple product, whether it’s an iPod, iPhone, MacBook or iPad, where do you go to buy it? Do you go to the nearest Apple store? Some people are a bit pickier and want to buy their Apple products from the store itself while others will go to whichever [...]

caleb hicks

How My First iPod Cost Me $22,537.20 (post by @calebhicks)

My first Apple product was an original 5GB white click-wheel iPod that I bought used from a high school classmate. I paid him $300, which was a good deal since it was selling for $399 at the time. I used it for an hour and I was hooked. Listening to music no longer meant pulling [...]


iOS App Review: Egg Punch

Egg Punch is a brand new free app in the iTunes store and it is loads of fun! You play as a young bird who has his feathers (clothing) stolen by a mischievous rabbit while you are taking a bath! The purpose of the game is to chase that rabbit through obstacles and down holes [...]


iOS App Review: Pizza vs. Skeletons

Pizza vs. Skeletons is a brand new app in the app store and you can get it for only $2.99. This game to me was a little bit on the expensive side of what I would normally pay for an app, so I downloaded the free version to see what it was like first. The [...]


iOS App Review: Ragdoll Blaster 3

I haven’t played the previous Ragdoll Blaster games and, honestly, I wasn’t even aware they existed until I saw Ragdoll Blaster 3. Before buying the app – which was a dollar – I read some of the reviews. Some of the reviewers that gave it one or two stars said that it was a “kid” [...]


iOS App Review: Gravity Guy

The reason Gravity Guy caught my eye in the app store was because of the suit the character wears. It’s the same suit you can see in Jetpack Joyride which is also one of my favorites! Gravity Guy is a great game. It’s also very challenging. But, having a challenging game makes beating that game [...]

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