GroopEase, Support New Artists!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on how to find new and emerging bands so that you could fill your iPod with new and interesting music instead of listening to that same old boring playlist you always listen to.  There is a new website called GroopEase (I think it may be a play [...]

We Are Hunted

Sick of Your iPod Music?

Ever have those days when you are skimming through music on your iPod and nothing sounds appealing?  Just not in the mood for any of that old stuff?  I certainly have those days.  The most frustrating part of it is that you often don’t really know where to look to find new bands you may [...]


Classic PC Games For Your i(Pod, Phone, Pad)

Everyone (well most guys, anyway) have a classic PC game that they will always love and cherish and reminisce about (sometimes to the annoyance of women).  These games hold a special place in a man’s heart and will always define what is meant as “the good ole games.”  But just because these games are old [...]


Techie Threads

Do you just exude technology?  Do people look at you and think “That guy/girl looks like they probably have circuitry instead of a nervous system?”  Okay, anyone who thinks that is weird.  But if you like to be tech in every aspect of your life, here are some clothing styles you may want to consider [...]


iTunes to offer unlimited downloads

Apple is apparently trying to negotiate with various record labels to offer unlimited song downloads. Thus, if you were to purchase a song, you would be able to download that song onto your various devices, without any of the current frustrating restrictions. I have recently frustrated by this as around 50 of my recently purchased [...]

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If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone, OKAY?!

Apple seems to be taking a slight change in marketing direction with the latest round of commercials from the Cupertino company and their ad agency, TBWA/Chiat Day. The short commercials all share the premise of what really does constitutes an iPhone. The three videos focus specifically on the App Store, iPod/iTunes, and the iBooks store. [...]


Organize Your Gadgetry!

I often find myself sitting at my desk wondering how I got so many gadgets.  My desk is cluttered with them; I’ve got my cell phone, my laptop, my mouse, my speaker system, 2 iPods, and my Canon Rebel camera.  Having all of this stuff is nice, but sometimes having too many gadgets can get [...]


Texting At Night=Bad Sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, using a technological communications device within the hour before you go to sleep is ruining peoples’ sleep.  This includes a gamut of things, like texting people before you sleep (omg I’m about to go to sleep lol), watching movies on your iPad, staring at your Facebook notification icon waiting [...]


R.I.P. Microsoft Zune

Maybe you remember the days when the iPod was first released, how it totally re-defined what an MP3 player should be?  And if you think extra hard, you may remember the iPod’s competition that was released by Microsoft…can’t think of it?  Does the name “Zune” ring any bells? Despite never being nearly as popular as [...]


iPad 2 – Some Personal Thoughts

Now that the iPad 2 has officially been announced and you all have likely watched videos about it on Apple’s site, I thought it would be fun to go a little deeper in to it and offer some personal thoughts. Apple tends to rehash products they’ve come out with, making changes and tweaks here and [...]

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