The Oscars App and Other Time Sensitive Apps

With hundreds of millions of apps out there, how can an app stand out and be recognized?  One trend that apps are following is to create seasonal apps, apps that are only useful during a certain time of year.  For example, a Valentine’s Day app would be extremely useful in ordering flowers, etc for a [...]


Apple Takes a Bite Out of Profits

After quite a while, Apple is finally going to start charging for subscription services.  Up to this point, Apple has allowed companies like Netflix to gain 100% of the profits made from their subscription apps for iPhones and iPods.  How much of the total profit will Apple be taking?  About 30%.  Which is fair, seeing [...]


Fisher Price Gets Tech-Savvy

If you’ve ever had your phone or you iPod out around a small child, you know how much they love to play with it.  And to wipe their sticky fingers all over every square centimeter.  Fortunately for people who have to deal with this problem often (young parents, for example), Fisher Price has come up [...]


New iPhone Nano?

Apple has been rolling out some pretty exciting news lately. They have released details in the iPad 2 that is coming out in a couple weeks and then a new iPad version coming out in the Fall. Bloomberg has just reported that Apple is releasing yet another new gadget: an iPhone Nano. This new iPhone [...]


Apple Changes Water Damage Policy! Hooray?

Recently Apple has changed their policy regarding water-damage on their iPods. Previously, iPods that had come into contact with moisture were not eligible for repairs under the warranty. The way that they would check this was through the LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator), a tiny piece located in the headset jack that would change color if [...]


Apple’s 1984 Commercial, Part 2

Wow, okay, so I watched the Super Bowl last night (as I’m sure most of America did) and couldn’t help but notice that the Motorola Xoom commercial was an awful lot like Apple’s famous commercial 1984 (as I’m sure most of America realized as well).  If you don’t know what the 1984 is, check it [...]

Apple iAd

Apple’s iAds

Several months ago, Apple decided to give mobile advertising a serious makeover by creating iAds. iAds are Apple’s way of taking advertising  to a new level by combining the “emotion of TV, the interactivity of digital, and the power of mobility.” Apple claims that iAds are the future for brand advertising. They believe that iAds [...]


Replacement for that iPod Nano Wristwatch?

You have likely seen the new iPod nanos (the little square dealios) and you’ve probably even seen people with them attached to their wrists like a watch.  Well before the new nano was ever released, there was the HD3 Slyde (DH3 has been covertly developing the Slyde for 2 years). The HD3 Slyde is a [...]


New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight? Turn to Apple and Nike

As the new year comes into stride, gyms are more packed than any other time as countless individuals try to shed those extra holiday pounds, or follow through with their New Year’s resolution to slim down. If you are one of the millions of Americans (myself included) who has vowed to lose weight in this [...]


Exercising Earphones: ZAGGsmartbuds an option?

As with most of you, one of my resolutions for 2011 is to lose some weight and spend more time at the gym. Surprisingly enough, two weeks into January I have held true to my healthier diet and to my workout schedule. With all my increased time at the gym though, I have learned a [...]

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