DryerBro: The App That Tells You When Your Laundry Is Done

Hey college students, this is for you. Ever put a load of laundry in and completely forget about for a couple of hours? Or even until the next day? Don’t shake your head; I know this has happened at least once to you, it happens to me all the time. It’s hard when you don’t [...]


Traveling soon? Get the Google Translate iPhone app

Meet my new favorite app for the iPhone, Google Translate. My dad and I were checking this out on his iPhone 3Gs and we couldn’t get enough of it. The app which was just released for Apple just Tuesday (2/8/11) is sure to make it on your top app list when traveling. The app is [...]

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Tech Celeb Spotlight: T-Pain

Seems to be T-Pain’s name is on everyone’s tongue this week. T-pain no stranger to the spotlight, posted this tweet on January 27th and every since then it has been blasted everywhere. I mean what’s a better way to say “You don’t have to like me” with a Facebook Like button tattoo. T-Pain isn’t just [...]


Starbucks goes mobile

I know I might be alone when I say this but, I LOVE STARBUCKS. Besides the fact that the coffee is amazing, I love the all the other little things that Starbucks incorporates into their business. So hearing this news just made me more excited for my daily coffee. Introducing the Starbucks Card mobile app., [...]


iPad 2 Will Have a Camera?! Who Cares…

Everyday I am flooded with reports about how the iPad 2 is going to have a camera. Every report seems to have gotten hold of some blueprint of the new iPad that is so “top secret” that  it makes it sound like they had to break into Fort Know to get a hold of it. [...]