Standalone Podcast App Coming with iOS6?

With the beta of Apple’s iOS 6 now in the hands of developers, news of changes to iTunes has begun to circulate around the web. It seems the iTunes app in iOS 6 is missing any reference to the Podcasts, iTunes U, and Audiobooks categories. Currently, in iOS 5, those categories can be accessed through [...]

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iTunes U To Take Over Online Classes?

iTunes U started as a collection of free video lectures and audio podcasts created by a variety of universities. For most people, iTunes U lived as an overlooked button on their iPhone’s iTunes app. But with the introduction of the new iPad version, hopefully this will change. How great would be it be if all [...]


Today’s Apple Announcement is all about Student Engagement

“If you’re a HS student in the US, it’s not so easy. Not only social pressures. Stats show that if you enter as a freshman, you have a 70 percent chance of graduating in 4 years. Worse in worse-off areas. Technology can change this. It can make things better.” – Phil Schiller. Not just a [...]


Today’s Apple Announcement: iTunes U – A teaching portal for students and educators, the ‘Apple way’

So, I posted about the new iTunes U app, and I think you’ll want to go check it out. It’s an awesome app that is exactly what educators need. Apple has given teachers of university, college, or K-12 school, an easy way to design and distribute complete courses. Just think about that. Imagine that you’re [...]


Today’s Apple Announcement: iTunes U – A new app that you’ll ‘learn’ to love

Say hello to the newest app in education: iTunes U App. The iTunes U app gives you access to complete courses from leading universities and other schools — plus the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content — right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. This app is a pretty big deal already. [...]


Today’s Apple Announcement: iBooks Author – What does it mean for me?

Okay, this one is cool. Why do you care? Dude, it’s free. The goal of Apple seems to be to make iBooks 2, and iTunes U a runaway success right off the bat. The easiest way to make that happen is to get great content there the way they have for the App Store. Now [...]