How To Transfer Your Music From iTunes To Your Android Phone Or Tablet

So you’ve just gotten an Android phone, but all of your music is sitting in iTunes on your desktop and now seldom used iPod.  This used to be a much messier deal, but Google has since made putting your music on your Android phone so much easier. Go to Google Play Music and download Music [...]


iTunes 12 Days Of Gifts

Christmas may be over, but the spirit of gift giving still prevails in iTunes.  From December 26 to January 6th is the 12 Days of Gifts.  There will be a choice of a song, book, movie, or app for you to download for free. Download the free app to get details you’ll need each day. [...]


All Hail Queen Bey—Beyoncé’s Surprise Album Crashes iTunes

Overnight on Friday, December 13th, Beyoncé released her 5th studio album and took the world by storm. Each of the 14 tracks came with an accompanying music video, and is therefore being referred to as  ”the visual album”, but is actually titled Beyoncé. There was no prior announcement or publicity for the album, and yet [...]


Apple Issues Refunds For Breaking Bad Season Pass

If you’re a fan of AMC’s hit TV show Breaking Bad and you purchased the Season Pass for Season 5 on iTunes, we’ve got some good news. It looks like Apple is refunding the purchase price of the second part of the last season, which you were required to purchase separately. I got this email [...]


Get A $50 iTunes Card For Just $40 Bucks

Staples just recently started selling Apple products. We spotted this deal and thought it was worth passing along: For a limited time, you can pick up a $50 iTunes gift card for just $40 bucks. Put another way, that’s a 20% discount off the face value of the card. It’s not clear if Staples is [...]


FYI: iTunes’ Official Terms And Conditions Specifically Say It’s Illegal To Use iTunes To Manufacture Nuclear Weapons

The iTunes Terms and Conditions are legal agreements set out to “govern your use of the iTunes Store.” You can read the whole thing here. One interesting piece of language in the agreement is that “you also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without [...]

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My 3 picks from Apple’s Best Mac Apps of 2012

Apple released its list of ‘Best Mac Apps of 2012’ and I thought it would be interesting to share my favorites. There are three that stick out to me as most deserving. Tweetbot If you use Twitter, this is the only Mac app I would recommend. The others aren’t poorly made, but they aren’t made [...]


Spotify Now Has 1,000,000+ Paying Subscribers in the U.S.

At a press event in New York this morning, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek discussed some big milestones. Check out these numbers, keeping in mind Spotify just came to the U.S. last year. – More than 1 million paying subscribers (Spotify has $4.99 and $9.99 monthly plans) – Spotify has paid more than $500 million to [...]

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Review: iTunes 11 is an improvement

I am not an iTunes hater. I know a lot of users complain, and that it’s typically listed as the piece of Apple software that needs the most loving. The new design does quite a bit to make some users happy. There are some users Apple may never try to satisfy. Focus on the playback [...]

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Surprise Features: Apple’s new iTunes 11 comes with a gift-card scanner

Apple snuck in a sweet little feature in the latest update to the famous software: gift card camera scanning. If you’ve ever used a gift-card on iTunes, you’ve had to type in the big long code on the back. Now, you can hold the card up to the camera, and it will scan the card [...]

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