OS X Mountain Lion – AirPlay Mirroring Mac to Apple TV

History Want to display your Mac on the TV? Cables, dongles, and ugly. That’s what you had to deal with if you wanted to display your Mac on your TV. Then there was the same for the iPad and iPhone: Cables, dongles and (less) ugly. The Apple TV made it possible to send video from [...]


OS X Mountain Lion – Game Center Starts Playing

History There was gaming on the iPod, there was an array of third party services like OpenFeint, then there was Game Center for the iPhone, and now there is Game Center for the iPad. What it is The Mac is about to go up against iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch — in a friendly Game [...]


iOS App Review: Mega Jump!

Mega Jump is free in the iTunes store and sometimes I can tell why. The game is hard. But, it can also be really fun. It’s totally worth the free download but it’s nearly impossible to progress and get to new levels. Levels cost coins and it’s hard to collect enough spending to coins to [...]


Spotify: I Wish I’d Known About It Earlier

Spotify is the best Internet Radio/Music player I’ve found so far and the best part about it is, it’s free. As long as you have a Facebook account, which most people do, you can listen to Spotify online at any time. I actually found it on accident. Well, it was more like I discovered it, [...]


Audiobooks.com Offers Unlimited Audiobook Streaming

Are you getting behind on your reading and don’t have to read through all of the books? Here is a great solution that offers unlimited audio book streaming to your phone, computer or tablet. You can have all the features of this service for only $24.95 a month and cancel anytime. They offer thousands of [...]


Today’s Apple Announcement is all about Student Engagement

“If you’re a HS student in the US, it’s not so easy. Not only social pressures. Stats show that if you enter as a freshman, you have a 70 percent chance of graduating in 4 years. Worse in worse-off areas. Technology can change this. It can make things better.” – Phil Schiller. Not just a [...]


Today’s Apple Announcement: iTunes U – A new app that you’ll ‘learn’ to love

Say hello to the newest app in education: iTunes U App. The iTunes U app gives you access to complete courses from leading universities and other schools — plus the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content — right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. This app is a pretty big deal already. [...]

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UltraViolet Movies: A Failing Digital Solution?

Blu Ray + DVD + Digital Copy purchases seem like they are the way of the future. This package gives you the options to watch your movies just about anywhere as long as your mobile devices can play Apple DRM content. UltraViolet is a new company that has come up with a new way to [...]

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Movies, Music, Apps: Where is the Universal Solution?

Rent your movie from RedBox, buy a hard copy from Amazon, then get the Digital Copy from iTunes. Once you get the Digital Copy it will then only work with certain devices such as those that sync with iTunes. And after all that there is no place to upload your content to stream flawlessly on [...]

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How to Digitize Your Music and Movies

Following Christmas day my computer is stuck converting DVDs and CDs for days so that I am not bound to the media source that was given me. This is a quick guide to converting your media into a digital format so it will work on the majority of your devices. This will also allow you [...]

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