Get Rid of Your Remote Controls

Walk into pretty much any home and look on the coffee table or entertainment center.  You will likely notice an various assortment of remote controls.  Whether it is a television, gaming system, DVD or Blu-Ray player or sound system, seemingly every type of technology is controlled by it’s own remote control.  With a smartphone, all [...]


Yes, Weird Al Is Still Making Music

My first-ever CD was Running With Scissors by Weird Al Yankovic.  Do you remember what your first CD was?  Do you even remember what music CDs are?  I kid, I kid.  CDs aren’t nearly as obsolete as VHS tapes these days, though portable CD players are definitely becoming more that way.  If we go back [...]

itunes remote app

Wireless iTunes

Have you heard of iTunes AirPlay? I hadn’t–and I was missing out. With the release of iTunes 10 came AirPlay for audio, and then later updated (iTunes 10.1) to support video. AirPlay allows you to play your iTunes on multiple speakers throughout your home or office and even control multiple speakers’ volumes all in one [...]


iCloud Storage – It’s About Time!

Cloud-based storage and data-retrieval has been all the rage as of late, and rumors as to whether Apple would adopt their own type of Cloud system have been circulating like mad.  Let the rumors end –iCloud has officially been revealed. First off, iCloud is free.  That right there should be enough reason for you to [...]


Lose That Flab With Nike Training Club

Every time it starts to get warm outside, my determination to regularly exercise also warms up.  I won’t tell you how fast this determination cools down, but it’s always a good feeling to set goals for yourself.  It’s the perfect time to go jogging, not too hot, not too cold.  To this end, I would [...]


No More Stalker iOS?

You’ve likely heard about Osama Bin Laden’s recent capture and death, but what you may not have heard is that he was captured because he had an iPhone.  With the recent discovery of tracking technology in the iOS system on the iPhone, there was no way Bin Laden was going to be able to hide [...]

Amazon Mp3

Amazon Offers $0.69 MP3 Songs

To draw attention away from iTunes and other music-buying sites, Amazon has launched discounted MP3 songs. While you may be worried that they are obscure, weird songs that only 10 people in the world would every want to download, they are offering chart-topper songs. Amazon was originally offering these songs for $0.89, which is already [...]



Have you ever wondered how long Apple’s marketing meetings last? Odds are, probably not that long if today’s rumor is legit. The buzz around the hyperwebs is that Apple has recently acquired the domain, “” for its new MobileMe replacement and iTunes-in-the-cloud service. The domain was the home of an existing company, titled iCloud as [...]

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Where do I sell my used eBooks?

Imagination time. It’s the beginning of the semester and you are pricing out your textbooks for your fancy new classes. You’ve found your required “Adventures in Bio-Chemistry” book for $450.00 in hard cover, tangible form, but also found it for $200.00 in eBook format which will fit just nicely on your new Amazon Kindle DX. [...]

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