XY Is An iOS & Android Tracking Tag Connecting You To What Matters Most

Modern life is all about connections. With our phones in-hand at all times, we’re connected to family and friends constantly through text and Facebook, and we’re even connected to strangers and the world through Twitter and other social media platforms. But when you lose something you’re connected to in real life, your connections can’t help [...]

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The World’s Most Persistent Alarm Clock

Despite the use of cellphones and other tech gadgets as alarm clocks these days, New Jersey engineer Paul Summut has created the ultimate alarm clock that can wake even a hibernating bear from his cozy winter slumber. The Nixie Ramos alarm clock was designed to be durable and resistant, as well as look appealing. The [...]

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PhoneSoap: A Charged Phone is a Clean Phone

Our phones often go everywhere with us, making them practically attached to our hips. Unfortunately because of this fact, our phones collect more than just a few germs and are dirtier than they seem. Recent research found that 75 percent of Americans use their smartphones on the toilet to text, browse the web or even [...]


A Webcam Eyeball? Sign me up!

Tanya Vlach is a woman who lost an eye as a result of a horrible car accident.  But rather than letting such a tragedy blind her to the beauties that life still had to offer, she decided to make the most of it. I have previously done a couple posts about some cool Kickstarter.com projects [...]