Power Your Devices With Your Own Pedal Power

Check out this Kickstarter project. Friends Andy and Steve are avid cyclists and are working on using peddling a bicycle to generate energy that will power our devices. How will your habits change when you realize how much you have to pedal just by turning on a light? How much would your lifestyle change if [...]


Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Wearable Art. Here’s How:

Guys, you can go ahead and pass on this post—it’s for the ladies. That is, unless you and your bros have been waiting patiently for an app that will allow you to turn your beautifully composed Instagram photos into wearable nail art. NailSnaps allows you to do just that—create one-of-a-kind nail stickers based on photos [...]


SmartMove, The Shoe Insole That Gets You Moving

We’ve seen a lot of health and exercise trackers coming out recently.  The  more technological advancements we see in our phones and devices, the easier it is for these fitness trackers work. SmartMove will soon be launching it’s Kickstarter campaign.  It’s a product that “helps people live longer, healthier, more active lives”  through an insole [...]


Make Any Glove Touchscreen Compatible With Nanotips

I’m super excited about Nanotips. This tech is awesome. Basically, it’s a nano particle material that you can paint onto fabric gloves (Nanotips Blue) or leather/synthetic/all gloves (Nanotips Black) that allows you to keep your hands warm and still use your smartphone or tablet. It’s currently on Kickstarter, but with more funding than the founder [...]


The Dash Are The First All-In-One Wireless Smart Headphones

The Dash was first conceived by Nikolaj Hviid, a Danish living in Germany.  His goal was to develop a discreet assistant that would “listen to my body, take care of me, it would entertain me, and enable me to do better.” Check out this great product on Kickstarter. The Dash is the world’s first Smart [...]


BleepBleeps: Eight Gadgets That Make Parenting Easier

Parenting is difficult (or so I hear). BleepBleeps are trying to make it a little easier with a whole family of gadgets, each with their own unique skill-set designed to help you out during the most stressful times of adulthood. These eight fun-looking devices help take you from getting prego all the way to keeping [...]


This USB Key Will Reset The Password On Your Windows Device

In only a few more days, the Password Reset Key will be fully funded on Kickstarter. And by fully funded, I mean funded more than 28 times the original £1,000 goal. There’s a reason people are so excited for this. It’s a physical key that helps you quickly reset any password on Windows PCs. The [...]


This Cube-Shaped Gadget Lets You Capture Colors With Stunning Accuracy

Every once in a while, I’ll see something — a flower, a mural, or some other piece of art — that has colors so vibrant and beautiful, I want to capture a record of them so that I can use them in some process later like a digital art project or a web design color [...]


Vigo: Gauge Your Own Energy To Be More Productive

An interesting Kickstarter product may help you become more productive by tracking your body’s energy levels and giving you a little prodding when it sees you’re not living up to your potential. Vigo is a wearable device that quantifies your alertness, collecting data that helps it know when you need to rest, when you need [...]


SmartCharge Light Bulb Works Even When Your Power Is Out

I’ve been wondering when someone would invent one of these: a light bulb that has a built-in battery to keep it lit when the power goes out. Here in the Midwest, we get a lot of severe weather, so power outages aren’t uncommon. But, who wants a complicated system that requires base stations and extra [...]

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