Control Your Phone with the MARTIAN Voice Command Watch

Ever wanted to have a cool watch that you can voice commands to just like something out of James Bond? The folks over at MARTIAN WATCHES are doing just that! With their new smart watch, you can talk, listen, communicate voice commands, and be notified of incoming calls and texts right from the watch. The [...]


The Wi-Fi powered LED light bulb you control with your smartphone

With your new iPhone you’re going to want to be able to do other cool things. The ability to control the lighting in your house in more ways than you could have imagined might be one of those things. Enter LIFX, ‘The Light Bulb Reinvented’: LIFX is the smartest light bulb you’ve ever experienced. It’s [...]


Tinkermite hopes to teach toddlers about the parts that make up a tablet.

Sweet Kickstarter projects seem to abound lately. One of my new favorites: The Tinker Tablet. An innovative children’s wooden toy tablet that teaches young kids about technology. Designed to inspire creative kids ages 3 and up. The Tinker Tablet from Tinkermite comes with Camera, Wi-Fi, CPU, Memory and Battery ‘modules’. Each of these little wooden [...]


The 5 Must-Have Gadgets For College

You need to pack a ton of stuff for college. Here’s 5 things you must have to help get you started. 1. A Light, Fast, and Beautiful Computer The 13″ MacBook Air is the best computer I’ve ever owned, and mine isn’t even the latest generation. It weighs less than 3 pounds (about the same [...]


Should you back

So, you can join a new real-time social service, like Twitter, for $50 a year. The account gives you access to a social stream that will never try to sell advertisements against you. I have 3 Thoughts: Value Caleb Hicks had a great post over on GeekDaily about supporting So why am I not [...]


SkyCube: Your Personal Satellite

Did you ever want to be an astronaut to send messages down to Earth? Now’s your chance. The SkyCube project on Kickstarter promises to do just that: send a 10x10x10 cm cube satellite in space to not only take pictures from space (that you can receive on an iPhone) but also to send messages, as [...]


Coming Soon: Sensors That Allow You To Measure Anything

A team of three amazingly smart geeks (and I mean that in the highest sense of the word) have teamed up to create a multi-sensor device that interfaces with your Android and iPhone. It’s called the Sensordrone. What’s that mean in english? You can measure temperature, humidity and a host of other things on your [...]


Add Permanent Space to your MacBook Air – In a “Nifty” Way (by @TrevMcKendrick)

I bought the 13″ MacBook Air a year ago and it’s the fastest computer I’ve ever owned. If you’re like me and have a MacBook Air from the past year or two you probably love everything about it except one thing: the size of the hard drive. I opted for 128 GB, the stock model size. [...]


The Industrial iPhone Bumper With Built In Stand

I love to peruse the Kickstarter projects for sweet new designs. This is the first time I’ve found a pre-announced Kickstarter project: The Idostand. I love the industrial glass and metal of the iPhone. I don’t like to cover it up with anything but an Invisible Shield. In some situations, I have a bumper for [...]


Day Maker Turns Your iPhone Into a Pop-Tart to Wake You Up

Kickstarter is always a fun place to find cool projects. Even if they may not get funded, it is a great place to find cool ideas by interesting people. The Day Maker is an alarm clock with one goal – make waking up a little bit more fun. I have been reading a lot lately [...]

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