I Gave My Mom This Ladies iPod Nano Watchband As An Early Mother’s Day Gift

Mothers day is fast approaching and I needed a present for my mom. I had considered a number of gifts, mostly typical presents: flowers, candy, jewelry, one of those coupons for favors (like setting up her surround sound system, because I was going to do it anyway). Then I was inspired. My mom had one [...]

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The World’s Most Persistent Alarm Clock

Despite the use of cellphones and other tech gadgets as alarm clocks these days, New Jersey engineer Paul Summut has created the ultimate alarm clock that can wake even a hibernating bear from his cozy winter slumber. The Nixie Ramos alarm clock was designed to be durable and resistant, as well as look appealing. The [...]

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PhoneSoap: A Charged Phone is a Clean Phone

Our phones often go everywhere with us, making them practically attached to our hips. Unfortunately because of this fact, our phones collect more than just a few germs and are dirtier than they seem. Recent research found that 75 percent of Americans use their smartphones on the toilet to text, browse the web or even [...]


YouTube gets keen to crowdfunding, links annotations to Kickstarter and IndieGoGo

Fundraisers, this is important: YouTube’s recent update allows you to put links to your Kickstarter or IndieGoGo project directly in a YouTube video via annotations. An annotation is text that is displayed on top of the video. Annotations could also be links. Before this update, annotation links had to be YouTube links. To get to [...]


Speakers Meet Lasers Meet Kickstarter

I think Kickstarter has found the real money maker. Indy gadget accessory makers. Indy Accessory Makers The hard part about making these little gizmos is that banks aren’t going to give you a loan, and you’re not sure what the market response will be. Companies like Belkin have deep pockets that allow them to do [...]


‘Can Over IP Technology’ on Kickstarter is so silly, it might be genius

Kickstarter is great. Sometimes you come across really amazing ideas that make you say “I wish I’d have thought of that.” Other times, you see really noble causes that you’re immediately inspired to invest in. One current Kickstarter campaign that hearkens to the days we tied string to two cans in a tree house, however, [...]


Insane Kickstarter Success: The Pebble Watch Syncs With Your Smartphone

The Pebble, an incredible watch that works with your smart phone, has already Simply beautiful The apps, how easy it is to download apps, the clock faces, the watch itself… everything about the Pebble looks beautiful. As you’d expect, the Pebble uses Bluetooth. I was hoping it would have Bluetooth 4.0, but 2.1 is good enough. The [...]

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Way Cooler Than A Segway: The ZBoard Electric Skateboard

The ZBoard, an electric skateboard that started as a Kickstarter project, will soon be available to the public. Check out the details in this video: Unlike the Segway, where you simply lean forward, you have to step on a pressure sensitive button to move forward or backward. Pre-ordered ZBoards will begin shipping this month. Faster & [...]

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Galileo mount lets you control your iPhone with another iOS device [Kickstarter project]

The Galileo is a unique stand for the iPhone and iPod touch. At first I thought it was just another iPhone tripod adapter. It does allow you to mount your iPhone and iPod touch on a tripod, but that’s not all it does. You can remotely control which direction your iPhone/iPod Touch is facing… from [...]


Fundhaus is Like StumbleUpon for Kickstarter

I just reread that headline and thought to myself “If I’d have read that headline just 2 years ago, I’d have absolutely not idea what it’d be about.” So let’s start at the end and work our way to the beginning. Kickstarter crowdsources fundraising for cool products and projects. You can browse the site, find [...]

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