Two Kickstarter Projects Raised Over $1 Million

In case you haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it’s a funding platform for creative projects and startups. But it’s not about lending or investing in the project. The way it works is people pledge money to a project and in return the creator offers different products or experiences. This was the entrepreneur, inventor, or artist gets to [...]


Wherein Your iPod Shuffle Becomes It’s Own Headphones

Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall from Salt Lake City, Utah have a great product idea to make your iPod Shuffle much more convenient to use. Instead of tying it down with 3 feet of cable, they’ve combined the Shuffle with a great looking set of headphones. Simply plug the Shuffle directly into the headphones, and [...]


Cool Stuff at CES 2012: Dot records 360-degree videos with the iPhone

The Dot by Kogeto lets you record panoramic videos on your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Viewing & Sharing What good is panoramic video if you can’t watch it with your friends? You can view and share the videos in Kogeto’s app, called Looker. Looker lets you share your video by email, facebook, twitter, or [...]


The best “Find my car” app automatically knows where you park.

Unlike the multitude of “Where’s my car?” apps, Find My Car Smart automatically saves your car’s location for you. You don’t have to remember to drop a pin where you parked. You just park the car and go about your business. How does Find My Car Smart work? When you turn off your car, the [...]

LunaTik Touch Pen is Two Writing Utensils for the Price of One

There are a lot of stylus-pen combos out there for tablets such as the iPad and Motorola Xoom. But few of them are as elegant or simple to use as the LunaTik Touch Pen. If you want to write with a pen, press the button on top. If you want a capacitive stylus, press it [...]


LandingZone is Just That for Your Macbook Air

LandingZone is just the latest success story from Kickstarter, the crowd-funding site for cool projects in tech, art, and design. It aims to be the docking station for your Late 2010 or Mid 2011 Macbook Air. Docking stations are great for laptop owners who also have a separate display, keyboard, mouse, etc on their home [...]


Plug everything in at once with the LandingZone MacBook Air Dock

The LandingZone is a beautiful and elegant dock for the MacBook Air. It started on kickstarter and has gained enough funding to be produced. About the dock The LandingZone covers all of the Macbook Air ports, including four USB 2.0 ports, ethernet, Mini DisplayPort. It also works with the lock attachment. Latch the dock onto [...]


Looking For A Stylus? Check Out These 3 Options

Saw a tweet that made me smile, and ultimately spend some money: I’m in love with this idea already. I’ve tried everything! I’ve bought every stylus. Not because I think the iPad needs one, or because I keep losing the ones I buy (but I do), but because sometimes you just want to draw a [...]


Kickstarter Scoop: Turn your iPod shuffle into awesome headphones

Sick of earphones dangling around as you run? Cut the cord with this unique pair of headphones: the ODDIO1. As designers Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall put it: We found the iPod shuffle to be the perfect musical sidekick… but plugging in 3 feet of cord really ties it down… so we made it better for our [...]


Your iPhone is already a pro camera. Use it like one more often

Get The Glif and the new +Pack This is so awesome, I ordered one the second I got to the screen. Do you have a Glif? I guess you have to have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S first, don’t you. The Glif (for those of you who haven’t heard) is an iPhone 4 or [...]

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