Swivl: The revolutionary iPhone and camera mount that follows you

The Swivl is a camera/phone mount that lets you actually do things while recording yourself. It rotates the camera to follow you wherever you go. Now you can move around without getting somebody else to record you. Who wants a Swivl? The Swivl is ideal for vlogging, FaceTime, and Google+ hangouts. How does it work? [...]


Zombies, Run! App Motivates You To Run For Your Life

Need to prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse? There’s an app for that. ZOMBIES, RUN!, is a running game for mobile phones. A lot of us want to run, but lack the motivation. What better motivation than… escaping a gruesome death? Here are the main aspects of the game: Gather supplies (run) While you run, [...]


Kickstarter Projects worth over $100,000 – 360 Degree iPhone Lens

I LOVE Kickstarter. I love that they have projects that are gaining over $100,000 and even up to $1,000,000 in backing. Kickstarter is making a lot of very cool independent projects possible. I was browsing the recent projects that got some serious backing, and found this one – Dot: 360 degree video capture for the [...]


Super Thin, Smart, and New iPhone Keyboard Design

I think we all have visited a sweet Kickstarter project and thought: “Why the heck hasn’t somebody already done this”. Here’s a project you can see at MobiFlip.de. This is the kind of product idea that makes your jaw drop. Jing Yang of eico Motion Lab in China has designed an iPhone keyboard he calls [...]


Grill Burgers And Steaks With This Portable Grill That Fits In Your Pocket

Kickstarter is getting more and more awesome. It seems like it is the best place to take great iPhone cases, lock picking kits, and now grills. Not the kind that goes in your mouth; but the kind that fits in your pocket. This Kickstarter project has caught the eye of Gizmodo and Wired. It’s an [...]


Find sweet iPhone accessories with Kickstarter

Kickstarter is an innovative way to find and fund creative projects. We’ve already written several articles on it. It’s just that awesome. In fact, it’s so awesome that I’ve even found some more awesome iPhone accessories on it. Here they are: iPhone & iPad Accessories on Kickstarter The Oona – An ultra-simple stand. Astroclip – [...]


A Webcam Eyeball? Sign me up!

Tanya Vlach is a woman who lost an eye as a result of a horrible car accident.  But rather than letting such a tragedy blind her to the beauties that life still had to offer, she decided to make the most of it. I have previously done a couple posts about some cool Kickstarter.com projects [...]


Kool Kickstarter Projekts

I’ve been aware of Kickstarter for a few months now, but I assumed most of the projects on the site were projects that were technology-oriented.  It seemed to me like most of the projects had to do with iPhone innovations and addons, etc.  Turns out I was wrong, which shouldn’t be a big surprise to [...]

gopan micro

Cool Kickstarter Projects

You’ve likely already heard of Kickstarter, the site that helps inventors and idea makers to get their ideas out in to the world and get some financial backing.  Recently a batch of new and innovative ideas have come out for the iPhone and, I must say, they are pretty cool.  It amazes me how creative [...]



Have a great idea? I mean a really, really great idea? One worth perusing with your time, talents, abilities and money? Oh, don’t have that last part? Thats a minor detail, isn’t it? Okay, maybe not. That is where Kickstarter comes in. Kickstarter.com is a website devoted to raising funds for creative projects ranging from actual [...]

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