Do More People Use Free Messaging Apps Or Paid Text Plans?

“Dude, want to hang out tonight?” “Bro, I don’t text, these texts cost me 5 cents every time. You owe me 5 cents.” “Sorry.” “Now it’s 10 cents.” Remember these awkward conversations, circa 2009? Luckily for many of us, these anxious moments of pay per text are gone due to either unlimited texting plans or [...]


Digital Tools For The Long-Distance Relationship

The words “long-distance relationship” have always been known to be very daunting, for some people that is, until the Internet reshaped everything. Now, lovers can video chat with each other all over the world by clicking a button. But it takes more than just Skype to make love last. That’s why I’ve composed this list [...]


iPhone Chronicles Day 21

It is day 21 today of the iPhone journey and I have mixed emotions to say the least. I miss my precious BlackBerry. I feel that overall this phone has stunted my work productivity. With games like Words with Friends, Gerd Arntz’s memory , and Angry birds I have barely been able to get any [...]