Up to $50 Off Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and HDX Tablets for ‘Back to School’ Promo

Whether you’re heading back to the classroom this Fall or just looking for a tablet for personal use, Amazon’s “Back to School” promotion is in full swing, and gives you up to $50 off the price of their Kindle Fire tablets. You’ll notice a $15 difference between the models that ship with Amazon’s “Special Offers” [...]


Save the Best for Later with Pocket

It’s a beautiful thing when a program is usefully integrated in all the right places in your digital life. Such is the case with Pocket. This handy app/content organization system allows you to save articles, videos, and anything else you see online so you can view it later, when you have time. Use Pocket with [...]


The Drone: A New, Mobile Way To Game

There’s a special treat for all you mobile gamers out there.  Whether you like to play games on your smartphone, tablet or PC, the Drone is what you’ve been missing.  Gamers will finally be able to play complex games with their fingers and thumbs on buttons without having to swipe and tap the screen anywhere [...]


Blended: iPad mini, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD

You’ve probably figured out by now that I’m a fan of Blendtec and Tom Dickson. Here’s the latest in the “Will it Blend?” series, and they’ve hit the trifecta: the Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad mini. Let’s do this! —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and [...]


The iPad Mini has a face. Leaked pictures of the fully assembled iPad Mini

And, now we have a leak of the full iPad Mini with it’s rounded edges, more narrow bezel, and 8” form factor. The Amazon Fall Kindle event made me very excited for a smaller form factor tablet. I purchased a Kindle Fire when they first released, and it has since been a ‘Paperweight Kindle’. When [...]

Kindle Fire Rolls

Amazon’s Slow And Steady Tablet Strategy

As John Gruber said about the iPad: like other products, the Kindle Fire will start small, but grow large. Amazon is making a play with the Kindle Fire, like the play they made with the original Kindle. They started with a product that may have lacked features. It wasn’t perfect, and had in some ways [...]


Buckle Up: Here’s What’s Coming in the Next 2 Weeks in Tech

The next two weeks will be a big week in the tech industry, with lots of new products being announced. Here’s a rundown. Wednesday, September 5 – Motorola is expected to announce the new Droid RAZR HD at an event with Verizon in New York. (Details) Wednesday, September 5 – Nokia and Microsoft are holding [...]

kindle fire

What do the Amazon Kindle Fire SKUs at Staples tell us?

So, the online community is abuzz about the Reuters report. The article claims that there will be “five or six” new Kindle Fire models. Where did they pick up this claim? From president of U.S. Retail for Staples, Demos Parneros. The Reuters reporters and Parneros may indeed be very intelligent and understand what I’m about [...]

Google Nexus 7

Here’s why Google is on the right track with the Nexus 7 (by @jkhowland)

Here is the truth. The Nexus 7 has an uphill battle. The new tablet is going up against the single most successful product in the world: the iPad. Android is getting better every day. It seems like with the Nexus they are trying to make a statement that they are taking the tablet market seriously. [...]


Kindle Fire’s Latest Update

Amazon recently released the new update for the Kindle fire to version 6.3.1. The new update will allow users to get additional parental controls that let users protect purchases with a password, disable access to content libraries, and block access to the web browsing, as well as access to some neat sharing features and more [...]

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