Blackberry slashes Playbook tablet prices to $199.

Blackberry just dropped the price of its Playbook tablet to $199. It started at $499 earlier this year. That’s a solid 60% off. How is that even possible? Here are a few possible causes: Holiday sale A simple pre-holiday sale is a very likely reason behind the price cut. Blackberry may want to turn Black [...]


An Exhaustive Look at Kindle Fire Reviews – You’ll hate reading these.

I may be an favorite-part-cherry-picking blogger, but you have to admit these quotes are simply music to an Apple Fanboy’s ears. The fact that you don’t like these quotes doesn’t make them false, it just means you wanted the Fire to be better than it is. [Disclaimer: None of the quotes are taken out of [...]


Preparing for your Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is going to be released next week. Hundreds of thousands of pre-orders will be shipped with accounts already pre-registered on the device. You may have your Fire next week or you might have to wait  to get it on Christmas. Here are a few things you can do in the meantime to [...]


This Is The Kindle Fire By Amazon

The Kindle Fire was officially unveiled by Amazon today. The first table device that many believe could be a real competitor for the iPad. It’s not some much the functionality that will help the Kindle Fire sale well – which is far more restricted than the iPad – but the fact that it is cheaper [...]

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