Microsoft Announces ‘Surface Pro 3′ and Says it Can Replace Your Laptop

The big news out of Redmond this week is the new Surface Pro 3, Microsoft’s latest and greatest tablet-laptop slate running Windows 8.1 Pro. On its own, it’s a 12-inch tablet. It starts at $799 for the 64 GB model with an Intel Core i3 processor. Add the $129 ‘Type Cover’ and it becomes a [...]


Searching For A New Desk Setup? Check Out These High Tech Ideas

Before I watched a setup video for the first time, I thought to myself, “there is no way this will be interesting.” Boy did I think wrong. A setup tour is a walk through of somebody’s desk/computer setup. From sound systems, gaming, music, and homework, we all use our setups differently. Marques Brownlee on his [...]


Google’s New Touchscreen Chromebook Packs 239 Pixels Per Inch (Highest Screen Resolution Of Any Laptop Ever)

Last summer when Apple unveiled the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, it was the highest resolution laptop display in the world. The 15-inch model has 220 pixels per inch and the recently released 13-inch model has 227. Now, there’s a new top dog: the Google Chromebook Pixel, which boasts a whopping 239 pixels per inch [...]


Coming soon? Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon Touch

The ThinkPad is one of the most successful windows laptops, and arguably one of the best made. I love my MacBook Pro, and all of the design decisions that Apple has made. An argument can be made that Lenovo (and IBM before them) are making solid design decisions. Ultrabook Touch The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon [...]

retina MBP 13 display

Everything you need to know about the new Retina MacBook Pro

My 15” Retina MacBook Pro is one of the most amazing machines I’ve ever owned. However it is very expensive, and hardly a mass market computer. The new 13” Retina MacBook Pro may be a step in the direction of a more broad adoption of Retina capable computers. Thin like the MacBook Air The new [...]

atrix 4G motorola webtop cancelled

Motorola won’t include Webtop on future products

The mobile desktop of the future Motorola acquired a company called Webtop back in 2011. The technology allowed for a smartphone to act as the brain of a laptop or television. It was built into devices like the Atrix 4G, which could be docked into a laptop accessory and ran with full computer functionality. You [...]


Listen to Steve Jobs describe the iPad, the MacBook, 3G/4G, the App Store and more… in 1983

Last week, a short audio clip emerged of Steve Jobs speaking at the International Design Conference in 1983. Now, the entire hour-long clip has surfaced [listen here]. For true Apple enthusiasts, it’s something you’ll enjoy. It’s fascinating to listen to Steve describe modern technology, almost exactly as we know it today, but 29 years ago. [...]


Appreciation For Apple’s Naming System (by @calebhicks)

I was trying to write an article on HPs new lineup of computers that were recently announced, but before long, my head was spinning from all of the ultrabook, fauxtrabook, sleekbook nonsense. I am admittedly unfamiliar with HP’s product lines, so maybe these names make sense to those who have followed HP’s products for more [...]

laptop vs ipad

Do You Want a Laptop or an iPad?

Because of my short period where I infuriated both sides of the eternal iOS/Android flame war, I’ve had a number of interesting conversations with users of both platforms. Time and time again I’ve been asked a question that leads me to think… Dude, did you want an iPad/Android tablet or a laptop? Unfortunately, I think [...]


Now You Can Levitate Things Without Mind Powers

Imagine being able to levitate any object, under 12 ounces, right in front of you! As long as it’s a little less than a pound, you can levitate it with the Levitron Revolution. With a small magnetic disc placed on the bottom of the object, the Levitron Revolution will levitate your object. It’s like when [...]

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