‘Wicked Lasers’ New Flashlight Puts Out 4100 Lumens, Enough To Start A Fire

It’s always fun to see what Wicked Lasers will come up with next. This time around, it’s a flashlight — or, Flashtorch, as they call it — with enough light output to start a small fire. No, there’s no actual laser involved in their latest product. Weighing in at a stiff 1.3 pounds and lasting [...]


Finally, a laser air guitar for the rocker inside us all

Who doesn’t love rocking out on the air guitar? You’re in a club and the house band starts playing “Freebird” and you all of a sudden start strumming invisible strings, arching your back like you’re rocking the solo in front of a packed house of 90,000 fans…yeah, you’ve done it before, we’ve all done it [...]


Speakers Meet Lasers Meet Kickstarter

I think Kickstarter has found the real money maker. Indy gadget accessory makers. Indy Accessory Makers The hard part about making these little gizmos is that banks aren’t going to give you a loan, and you’re not sure what the market response will be. Companies like Belkin have deep pockets that allow them to do [...]


Does This Helmet Make Your Hair Grow Back?

Yes…. It exists. “What’s that on your head?”  “Oh, it just grows my hair.” In a world where there are only hair creams and hair implants, a new, more safe and effective way to grow hair has been announced. Through hair growing laser technology (or something…) it is now possible to have a full head [...]


Would You Drive Your Car Using Only Your Brain?

Can you imagine not having to use your hands to steer or your feet to brake? What if you could control your car, simply by telling it what to do through your mind? I haven’t seen anything this impressive yet. It’s as if we as humans are becoming telepathic through the technology of today. In [...]