Rover Will Never Get Lost At Night With This LED Dog Collar

It’s late at night and you’ve got nothing better to do than take your dog out for a walk. Being late, with no one out and about, you decide you’ll let Rover have some leash-free action so he can enjoy the great outdoors and his potty break without the confinements of the leash. But once [...]


This Is The World’s Largest Game Of Tetris [VIDEO]

The only thing missing as the classic Tetris soundtrack. A team led by a professor from Drexel University last weekend created the world’s largest game of Tetris, played using LED lighting on the side of a 29-story building in downtown Philadelphia. News of the game became a trending topic on Twitter and Facebook over the [...]


SmartCharge Light Bulb Works Even When Your Power Is Out

I’ve been wondering when someone would invent one of these: a light bulb that has a built-in battery to keep it lit when the power goes out. Here in the Midwest, we get a lot of severe weather, so power outages aren’t uncommon. But, who wants a complicated system that requires base stations and extra [...]


Adidas Puts On Light Show With Leo Messi Wearing TechFit

As the European soccer pre-season continues warming up for the upcoming season, the advertisements from the apparel giants get better and better to warm up consumers. This time Adidas has taken the use of tech and photography in apparel commercials to a higher level with The New Speed of Light ad, featuring none other than [...]


Esty Innovation: An astronaut helmet that lights up using 16 different colored LEDs

I love Kickstarter, and I love Etsy. I love the new online retail services that allow and encourage niche products. If you’re into tech, and costumes, this may be the product for you: Electronic Helmet SimpleAsPi has a sweet astronaut helmet that lights up using 16 different colored LEDs. The helmet is light, but is [...]


Now You Can Levitate Things Without Mind Powers

Imagine being able to levitate any object, under 12 ounces, right in front of you! As long as it’s a little less than a pound, you can levitate it with the Levitron Revolution. With a small magnetic disc placed on the bottom of the object, the Levitron Revolution will levitate your object. It’s like when [...]


TRON style Bluetonian watches from a crash-landed vessel in 1947

I love watches. Not your typical analog watches, or even your typical digital watches. It’s the unique watch designs that grab my attention. Especially watches that are almost impossible to read unless you know the trick. The story behind the watches is a little crazy: Designed as a collaborative effort between Heather Sable & Samuel [...]


Get super fast internet…from a ceiling light?

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but researchers at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin have discovered how to transmit data using LED lights. Using commercially available LED lights, like the ones typically found in your ceiling, they figured out how to transmit data through streams of light. They are calling [...]


Man puts an actual working LED light in his actual working eye.

Now, we’ve seen this before. Filmmaker Rob Spence lost his eye when he was a young boy, and partnered with Eyeborg project to install a video camera into his prosthetic eye. By installing a red LED into his prosthetic eye, they not only proved that installing an electronic device and its power source into such [...]


LuminAID: Affordable Light for Disaster Relief

After the devastating Haitian earthquake in 2010, Colombia University architecture students were assigned the task of designing helpful aiding devices for the afflicted country.  They decided to focus on light when creating their designs, because it had the potential to make the biggest difference in improving the comfort, safety, and survival of the disaster victims. [...]

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