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Tips and Tricks for Customizing your Facebook Chat Privacy

Ever had that one friend on Facebook who deliberately goes out of their way to chat you every time you sign on? Has it ever gotten to the point where you have to go offline just so they won’t bombard you with useless nonsense and unwanted chatter? Well fear no more, there is a solution [...]


Why Twitter Lists?: Put your favorite Twitter user’s tweets in context.

I recently posted a tweet that inspired this series of posts. I use lists religiously. If I’m not following you, you’re likely still ‘listed’ by me because I love your tweets but I want them in context. Lists allow Twitter users to organize the people they follow into groups. By segmenting your following list into [...]


Why Twitter Lists?: Follow entire groups, and participate in communities.

Twitter allows you set up 20 lists, of up to 500 people. If you’re like me, you may be a member to a number of groups, or have interest in grouping these people. Because Twitter Lists create grouped tweet streams of the people that are on them, you can use Lists to organize your tweeps [...]


Why Twitter Lists?: You don’t have to follow them to see their tweets all the time.

Sometimes you want to keep up on a persons tweets, but you don’t want them in your timeline. If you use lists, that’s exactly what you now have the ability to do. When you follow a Twitter List, you’re not actually following every user on the list, but following the entire list — those users’ [...]


Facebook to Add Improved Friend Lists

We all struggle with it – You really want to post a picture of yourself at a party but you don’t want ALL of your friends seeing it on Facebook. Including your mom. Well, Facebook aims to make life easier. With improved Friend Lists, you can easily see updates from and share with different lists of friends. Facebook [...]