Sold Out: Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a killer phone. A unique, and gorgeous design by Nokia and the latest Windows Phone 8 OS. Nokia may finally have a smartphone that can grab them marketshare rather than lose it. Sold out Ubergizmo is reporting that with the exception of the white colored version, the Lumia 920 is [...]


Siri said the Lumia is the best, until Apple fixed it (via @jkhowland)

Siri has spoken, and then respoken So for a while there, Siri was informing iPhone owning askers that the Lumia was the “best smartphone ever”. User Reviews The “ever” is a very important addition to the question. Siri was already programmed to make cute little remarks when asked about the “best smartphone”. But when the [...]

nokia exclusives

The Good And Bad Of Exclusive Nokia Lumia Apps

Nokia has been working hard to promote it’s flagship Windows Phone lineup. Their latest move may be good news for Nokia, but may signal trouble for the Windows Phone platform as a whole. Nokia announced that they have procured deals with some app makers that will guarantee that some apps will be available exclusively for [...]


Nokia exec claims iPhone is poorly designed. He has a solution.

It seems to be a theme of the tech industry to claim Apple is doing it wrong and that company X can do it right. Here’s another example of an exec claiming Apple sucks, and he knows better. Nokia’s phones look good. I have to tell you, the Nokia phones that are coming out really [...]