What if the MacBook Pro killed the DVD drive in favor of a faster OS and larger battery? (by @mrgnw)

New rumors about the next MacBook Pro update hint that the MBP may drop the optical drive like the MacBook Air did. We don’t know if Apple will kill the MBP’s optical drive, but would you? Benefits: Better battery, faster OS. Replacing the optical drive could give you a faster OS and larger battery. Here’s [...]


Sensational Headline: Windows 8 Metro – designed on a Mac

You know the saying, cliche as it is, a picture is worth 1000 words? Meet Bill Flora, one of the main designers behind the new Windows 8 Metro design. What you see in the picture? Flora, sitting proudly next to his Mac. As a matter of fact, he has a plethora of Apple accessories surrounding [...]

Mac Pro

Mac Edition: Could 2012 Be the Year of a Completely Redesigned Apple Lineup?

It looks like 2012 could be the biggest year in history for Apple’s product design team. Nearly every major product is due for a complete design overhaul moving forward. We’ll take a look at each product in Apple’s lineup and make our predictions. MacBook Air Last design update: Fall 2010 The MacBook Air was completely [...]


How To Know When To Buy Your Next Apple Product

Apple users are notoriously early adopters. We love new products. We all want the latest and greatest, and last years model feels so “last year”. We are driven by WHAT is coming and WHEN! I recently posted a few reasons Apple might have to keep their product dates under wraps. But that doesn’t change the [...]

A Case for AppleCare

Related Post: ZAGG introduces ZAGGsafe, a warranty program that covers more than AppleCare A little over 3 years ago, I purchased my first Apple computer, a 15″ MacBook Pro. The model was a close out and they were throwing everything in with it just to get it off the shelf, including a free copy of [...]


Please Help! I Need Laptop Advice!

Alright readers!  I need some advice.  Permit me to ask for some personal advice from the more knowledgeable of you out there.  My laptop will be 2 years old soon and instead of having a birthday cake with 2 candles for my laptop, I am thinking of replacing it with a newer one.  The dilemma [...]

Ryan’s MacBook Pro

Personal MacBook Pro Review

Well folks, my happiest posts on this blog are when I am reviewing tech of my own. This is one of those posts. Last week I upgraded my 3 year old (technically 4 years old as I got it on close out) MacBook Pro with a fancy, shiny new one. Yes. A 15″ MacBook Pro [...]

Image 300×231 Dell XPS Gives MacBook Pro Some Competition

Dell XPS Gives MacBook Pro Some Competition

Dell recently released a new string of very impressive XPS laptops, the XPS 17 and the XPS 15 (the numbers have to do with the size of the laptop screens available, either 15” or 17”).  Each of them offers a wide variety of customization options and feature Intel’s all-new 2nd generation i7 processors. The XPS [...]


Apple Strikes Hard With Thunderbolt

No doubt you’ve heard about Apple’s release of their new line of MacBook Pros.  These laptops come brand-new with shiny new features, faster Intel processors, better graphics processing units, and (ohemgee) Thunderbolt! What exactly is Thunderbolt?  Good question.  It is basically a really fast replacement for traditional USB.  How much faster?  About 10 times faster. [...]


Apple releases new MacBook Pro laptops

Despite Apple’s best efforts, the rumors and murmurings of the interwebs once again predicted the latest refresh to the Cupertino company’s popular MacBook Pro line. Surprise or not, these machines are looking as powerful as ever with updated specs and new I/O connection promising amazing speeds. Lets review… First off, the new MacBook Pros didn’t get much [...]

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