How To: Read Magazines for Free on Your Phone/Tablet at Any Airport

Entertaining yourself at an airport—and in the air—just got a whole lot easier…and lighter. Gone are the days when you had to bring reading material to keep your mind occupied during your travels. Now, there’s Inflight Reader, an app for iOS and Android devices. This free app recognizes when you’re in more than 550 airports across [...]

Next Issue iPad

For $14.99 Per Month You Can Get Unlimited Magazines On Your iPad

The iPad is a great device, we all know this, and I love using mine. One thing that I’ve done fairly infrequently on my device, however, is read magazines. I recently started a new subscription to The New Yorker and received my first issue in the mail last week. I enjoy flipping through magazines, but [...]


Is Newsstand the game-changer publishers wanted when the first iPad was announced?

When iOS 5 came out, my Twitter stream was filled with users who were trying to get rid of Newsstand on their homescreen. I thought for sure it would be a dud. It turns out I follow a lot of techie guys and girls. For most of us it’s annoying, but for non-power users “it [...]