Is Gorilla Glass scratch proof?

Nobody does Myth Busters the way ZAGG does Myth Busters. Just ask Drew and his Gorilla Glass scratch test. You need only Google Gorilla Glass Scratch Test, it’s a YouTube video. Reporting from CES in a recent article, CNN posted that Gorilla Glass is thinner than ever. But it’s still… Not any less resistant to [...]


Weekly iOS App Review: Tetris!

Time for another app review!  The one on the chopping block for this week is Tetris by Electronic Arts (EA).  Maybe I shouldn’t use the words “chopping block” since I actually am enjoying the game very much…probably a little too much.  I spent a total of 3 hours playing Tetris yesterday.  I made some definite [...]

Magician Uses iPods To Make Awesome Magic

Watch magician Marco Tempest make iPod Touch magic…