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Nokia Maps Is No Longer A Samsung Exclusive

I just don’t have a good sense of direction and can generally say that I’m lost more often than I know where I am. This makes the maps app that I use on my phone extremely important. Google Recently updated Google Maps, and I’ve been really loving it. (My post on Google Maps.) Nokia’s Maps [...]


I’m Going New Places Just So I Can Use The New Google Maps

Google Maps for iOS and Android just got an update, and I’m just thrilled about it. If I had to list my top 10 most used apps, I believe that Google Maps might make it in the top 5. A new look and added features have made it nice to look at and easier to [...]


Google Tracks Users Wherever They Go: See Your Own Map

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Google tracks movements of users of its mobile devices or mobile apps. The visualization of that tracking, however, can be pretty startling, and now it is easy to see a history of how Google has tracked where you’ve been. This week, Steven Tweedie at Business Insider published [...]


Apple Maps is Literally Getting Better Every Single Day (And How You Can Help)

You’ll recall, with the introduction of iOS 7, Apple scrapped Google Maps in favor of its own, proprietary mapping data in an app simply called Maps. It was a catastrophic disaster, and what made it worse was that you couldn’t just go download Google Maps from the App Store. That option came a little while [...]


Californians: Texting & Driving Not Okay, But Go Ahead And Use Google Maps

There are currently three different laws on the books governing how California residents can and cannot use their mobile devices while operating a vehicle. The first specifically bans the use of “handheld cell phones” on public roadways unless you’re using it to call emergency services. The second stipulates that only drivers over the age of [...]


First Touchscreen Subway Maps In NYC Installed At Grand Central

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post about the new, interactive touchscreen subway maps that the city of New York planned on installing in terminals around the five boroughs. In all, you’ll find 18 of the “MTA On-the-Go” kiosks throughout Grand Central itself, and the MTA plans on installing more of them at other [...]


How To: Create Custom Maps With Google Maps

For all those times you need to create customized maps with specific points of interest, stops along a route, or numerous locations, Google Maps Engine is a dream come true. It’s been around for a while, but I thought I’d take the time to give you a simple tutorial on using it. I’m working on [...]


How Often Does Google Maps Get Updated?

Whether you have an Android phone, an iPhone, or you’re looking at Google Maps on your computer, you’ve surely experienced a time when you know a particular road on your route has changed since the last map update. If you’re using Google Maps Navigation in the car to get somewhere, you know this experience to [...]


Google Adds Data From Waze To Maps App

Back in June, I told you about Google acquiring Israeli startup Waze, a popular GPS mapping service for Android and iOS. I said: “For the time being, the two maps (and their respective apps) will remain separate. However, it’s only a matter of time before all that data from Waze starts finding its way into [...]


10 Funny Google Street View Moments

You’ve all probably seen the Google Street View car out and about at some point by now, right? We found some interesting captures from around the world. After sifting through the NSFW images, I present to you, the remaining top 10. For now. Next time you see the Street View car, do us all a [...]

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