What Tech Company Spends The Most On Advertising? The Results Might Surprise You.

Here are some interesting numbers for you to wrap your head around. In 2012, Samsung spent as much money on advertising as Apple did this entire year and the last three years — combined. Microsoft’s advertising budget jumped this year, most likely because 2013 is the first year they’ve had a broad portfolio of products [...]


Microsoft’s Logo Gets a Facelift after 25 Years

Microsoft unveiled their new, colorful logo yesterday alongside the grand opening of its Boston store. The new design drops the italicized, bold face type for a lighter type in the Microsoft name and adds a straighter, revamped version of the iconic Windows symbol. The design also pays homage to the company’s history with the connectivity [...]


Appreciation For Apple’s Naming System (by @calebhicks)

I was trying to write an article on HPs new lineup of computers that were recently announced, but before long, my head was spinning from all of the ultrabook, fauxtrabook, sleekbook nonsense. I am admittedly unfamiliar with HP’s product lines, so maybe these names make sense to those who have followed HP’s products for more [...]


Marketing, Finance, Teaching, and Real Estate: How 4 Different Professions use Pinterest (by @ashmo6)

Use Pinterest to find recipes, explore destinations, learn how to clean things , fix things, decorate things. Pinterest is a fun way to spend time, simple as that. Or is it that simple? What can Pinterest do for people of different occupations? 1)      Marketing – This one is a no brainer. Pinterest offers the perfect [...]


YouTube gets keen to crowdfunding, links annotations to Kickstarter and IndieGoGo

Fundraisers, this is important: YouTube’s recent update allows you to put links to your Kickstarter or IndieGoGo project directly in a YouTube video via annotations. An annotation is text that is displayed on top of the video. Annotations could also be links. Before this update, annotation links had to be YouTube links. To get to [...]

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Pinerly, a Pinterest tool for intense pinners.

As the Pinterest API rapidly approaches, tools for Pinterest are popping up all over. Most of them try to show your “Pinfluence.” Pinerly takes a different route. It’s a Pinterest tool for serious pinners. Pinerly helps you find and create relevant and meaningful campaigns. Pinerly’s website currently shows the following features: Campaigns — A campaign [...]

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The Pinterest Apocalypse is near… (post by @mrgnw)

The Pinterest apocalypse is almost here. What does that mean? Pinterest’s API is about to be made public. When that happens, a torrent of Pinterest tools will hit the internet. Pinterest won’t take over the world, but its presence on the internet will be more widespread. What is Pinterest? Pinterest has received a lot of [...]


#SWSLC presents Cinch – makes life a bit more mobile-friendly

Okay, so Startup Weekend just happened. Each of the teams picked a problem, and a solution, and attempted, in only 48 hours to build a company. One of the best groups – thanks to a VERY polished execution, and a gorgeous design – was an app called Cinch Tool. What is it? Cinch Tool creates [...]

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Pinteresting Secrets: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Pinterest Experience

As simple as pinning may seem, there are many tips and tricks you can use to make your Pinterest experience even more rewarding. There are dozens of creative ways people have learned to use this site to their advantage. Whether planning a trip or organizing your next shopping, extravaganza, there is a tip in my [...]


ZAGGblog: Dear Businesses: Please Embrace Social Media

As I mentioned in another blog post, I recently spent the weekend in NYC interviewing for a summer internship with L’Oreal.  The internship would be for marketing and the whole weekend was an interviewing process where they split us up in to teams with 5 others and we had to come up with new marketing [...]

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