New U.K. military uniform includes technology that runs electricity within its own fabric

It’s not news that the soldiers fighting today’s wars have to lug many pieces of technology around with them, in addition to weapons and armor. GPS and communications devices and other electronic military gear are hauled around, but adding extra weight for the soldiers to carry are the batteries and wires that power all of [...]


Scavenger Hunt: Earn $40,000 by finding the military’s QR codes

Ready for a giant scavenger hunt with a giant pot of cash at the end? You can win up to $40,000 if you’re the first to find the U.S. military’s QR codes hidden across the country. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency developed the “DARPA CLIQR Quest” as a real-life game to simulate how the [...]


“It’s Just A Mirage…” New Cloaking Device

Potter fans, you may soon get your own invisibility cloak. In science time, “soon” means “in this millennium.” Trekkies, we may have beat the Romulans to it. A team at the University of Texas at Dallas invented a cloaking device. Check it out: The science behind it: Mirages There are several different ways to attempt [...]


The Military Gets the Coolest Tech

Check out a few sweet up-and-coming military technologies… Weaponized Lasers – We’ve already seen a demonstration this year of a ship-based weaponized laser. It was sweet. This was a several-kilowatt beam, and some scientists are already talking about megawatt lasers. We’re a little way off from the laser bolts in Star Wars, but we’re on [...]

JBC-P Handheld

JBC-P: The Army’s Newest Communications Tech

Anyone who has had combat training knows there are two very important rules that must be followed at all times: first, never go into combat alone; second, always keep up communication with your team. The first is fairly straightforward. The second, though, is ever-evolving, and has created or made use of some of the coolest [...]

Screen shot 2011-03-21 at 4.26.14 PM

Military-Grade Apps

Picture this. You are out with your special forces platoon. The enemy is within sight, but has not yet detected your position. You need to be able to get closer to see just how many of them there are, but don’t want to chance being seen. You’ve launched your UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and it [...]