Get This Free Photojournalism and Documentary Course Online from MIT

If you’re interested in continued education without the price of hefty student loans, you should familiarize yourself with MIT’s OpencourseWare initiative. The school is publishing many of its graduate and undergraduate programs online, most of which you can download for free. As a freelance photographer, this particular course caught my attention: Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: [...]


MIT Creates A New Way To Dive Into Your Past Through Your Emails

Three individuals at the MIT Media Lab have created a new way to look at your past through your e-mails. Immersion allows you to log in with your e-mail, then maps your interactions with friends and family in a unique, visual way. Their demo shows you a version of what you’ll see before you log [...]


Amiigo: Monitor your workouts, activities, and vital signs (a bracelet built by MIT engineers)

Wearable devices on the market are a hot commodity. The number of mobile and wireless devices we have create a wonderful opportunity for data collection. A team of engineers from MIT are working on a new kind of wearable device that won’t only track activity, but could also keep track of vital health statistics. The [...]


Today’s Apple Announcement: iTunes U – A new app that you’ll ‘learn’ to love

Say hello to the newest app in education: iTunes U App. The iTunes U app gives you access to complete courses from leading universities and other schools — plus the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content — right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. This app is a pretty big deal already. [...]

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Meet AGNES: The Incredible Ageing Body Suit

MIT’s AgeLab has been hard at work trying to simulate how it would feel to live life at an older age. With American’s getting older, and the Baby Boomers making up 16% of the total population, it will now be easy to understand and get first hand experience with this difficult process we all will [...]

Video: Tetris On Kinetic LEDs in 6 Foot Tall Acrylic Tubes

This guy named Burton Conner created Tetris Battle. It’s an open source Tetris Installation Controlled by DDR Pads. My wife LOVES Tris on the iPhone. I bet she could take on anyone for the highest score. It’s a lot better than the official Tetris game, because you control it with touch gestures rather than a [...]