Speakers Meet Lasers Meet Kickstarter

I think Kickstarter has found the real money maker. Indy gadget accessory makers. Indy Accessory Makers The hard part about making these little gizmos is that banks aren’t going to give you a loan, and you’re not sure what the market response will be. Companies like Belkin have deep pockets that allow them to do [...]


Emergency alert texts to come next year

As the world is continually bombarded with disasters–weather natural or not–the government is working to upgrade its national alert system to ensure a higher percentage of the population gets alerted. Plans are in motion to send texts messages in the case of national or regional emergencies, known as the Personal Localized Alerting Network (PLAN). This [...]

iPhone 4. Available on Verizon February 10

Why I’m excited about a Verizon iPhone and I’m not even their customer

When the Verizon iPhone 4 was announced last week in New York City, I was excited. Honestly more excited than I thought I would be. Even more honestly I didn’t even think I would be excited. You see, I’m an AT&T customer. I switched over from T-Mobile in 2008 simply so that I could have the [...]