All 4 Major U.S. Carriers Confirm Plans To Carry Galaxy Note 3 And Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Just hours ago, Samsung showed off its next generation phablet, the Galaxy Note 3, and its brand new smartwatch dubbed the Galaxy Gear. The official press release told us to expect a launch across all 4 major U.S. carriers later this month, on September 25th. Sure enough, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint have all confirmed [...]


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Is Funding A Project That Turns Waste Into Power

We’ve all heard those gut wrenching stories about people who have had to survive extreme dehydration by drinking their own urine, or maybe you have seen Bear Grylls drink it from a snake skin on the Discovery Channel. Now, researchers have discovered a way that urine can not only save your own life, but your [...]


A Fully Functional Cell Phone For The Blind

An Indian entrepreneur, Sumit Dagar, wants to change how the visually impaired communicate via cell phone. He’s designed a prototype phone that “displays” up to 10 braille characters at a time, letting users send and receive text messages and interpret other data their phone might provide. Dagar’s phone, when released, will provide “smartphone”-like features such [...]


These iOS 7 Features Were Not Mentioned In The WWDC Keynote

There is only so much you can say in 2+ hours. That was the case at Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference keynote on Monday as the technology company highlighted the many changes and upgrades to their mobile OS, iOS 7 along with other Mac software and hardware announcements. What was left out though? What [...]


Apple WWDC Keynote Date Confirmed: Are You Ready?

Ah, it comes but once a year. No, I’m not talking about Christmas, but for some Apple fans, it might as well be. The event in question is Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference, but more specifically, the keynote that kicks it all off. The date of the keynote has been confirmed as Monday, June [...]


Best Buy Stores Will Soon Have “Samsung Experience Shops” Inside

Samsung will be bringing these ‘Samsung Experience Shops’ to 1,400 Best Buy stores around the U.S. this summer. READ: ‘Samsung Confirms 1,400 Samsung Experience Shops Coming to Best Buy Locations by Summer‘ —– You should follow Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights and good conversation. Be sure to say hello! You can also keep [...]


This Company Wants To Change Mobile Wi-Fi By Making It Pay As You Go

If you’ve ever used mobile WiFi through a major wireless service provider like Verizon, AT&T, Spring, or T-Mobile, you know it’s not always the most cost-effective experience. The problem with mobile data from a legacy wireless provider isn’t so much bad service, since the advent of 4G, connection speeds are generally quite good, rather, the [...]


T-Mobile’s New, Simpler Plans Are “Something Better” [VIDEO]

I’ve been bringing you updates on all the changes happening at T-Mobile this week – from the availability of the iPhone 5 to their new 4G LTE network. Now, just one more thing to complete the big picture: new rate plans. These officially rolled out on Sunday, and you may have seen the chart I [...]


Check Out This 11-Page Best Buy Ad From 1996 [Warning: Huge Computers, Phones, And TVs]

If you feel like taking a walk down memory lane, check out this Best Buy ad from September 1996; almost 17 years ago. I particularly laughed about the “7.9 oz Cellular Phone” and the “16 MB Memory Upgrade” for desktop computers for $129. Tweet your favorites to me: @mbchp. —– You should follow Mike on Twitter [...]

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