How To Personalize Your Doorbell Ring

Remember the first time you were able to customize your phone’s ringtone? It was amazing. Old school or new school, from the Beach Boys to Beyoncé, you were finally able to show your personal style and flair through your music. In fact, it seems like we can personalize just about anything these days. But when [...]


Speakers Meet Lasers Meet Kickstarter

I think Kickstarter has found the real money maker. Indy gadget accessory makers. Indy Accessory Makers The hard part about making these little gizmos is that banks aren’t going to give you a loan, and you’re not sure what the market response will be. Companies like Belkin have deep pockets that allow them to do [...]

Your Next iPhone May be Waterproof

Your Next iPhone May be Waterproof

One of the trends at CES this year was waterproofing films that look to make a splash this year in mobile consumer gadgets like phones and MP3 players. HZO got the most buzz after releasing this video: HZO is a spray, that when applied, creates a thin waterproof film to block water from affecting the [...]