Show Your Road Rage Through LED Lights

We all get it; road rage. We all feel the frustration when someone cuts us off going 80 MPH on the highway. Along with the rage, we also feel gratitude for safe and considerate drivers who care for others’ safety on the road. We all know driving can be a very emotionally exhausting thing. So, [...]


The Jetlev Flyer: A Real-life jetpack (It only costs $100k)

Ever since I was little, I’ve thought it would be the coolest thing to have a jet pack!  I mean, what little kid didn’t want a jetpack? But my imagination was a bit over the top. Later on, I found out that it’s practically impossible to make a jetpack…major letdown. This water-propelled jet pack is [...]


Cool Stuff at CES 2012: The Lamborghini Avantador

CES 2012 continues to show some really cool and nifty gadgets, not the least of which is the new Lamborghini Avantador. Named after a bull from a famous bullfight in 1993, the Avantador boasts that it is 1 bull taming 700 horses, from which we may correctly understand that the Avantador is a 700 horsepower [...]