Facebook Launching ‘Paper’ App For iOS Available Today

When you think about how you use your smartphone for social networking, your home screen is probably full. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest, Foursquare, and some of the smaller niche networks like Path, Circle, Vine, and even MySpace, how many more could you possibly need? The king of the social network jungle [...]


Unboxing the new Myspace: The invite and signup process

Christmas isn’t for a few more weeks, but when I opened my email inbox this evening and saw that I’d received a pre-launch invite to the new Myspace, I was pretty excited. More than a month ago, I saw the teaser sizzle video for the new incarnation of the Justin Timberlake-backed Myspace, and I was [...]


3 Facebook-Like Companies That Couldn’t Make The Leap

Facebook has grown to a social networking giant serving over 900 million users everyday. But Facebook wasn’t the first to introduce the world to online social networking, so why is it the only one standing? For some other social networking platforms of the past it was server instability or lack of financial support. Other former [...]

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Where did Pinterest come from? Here’s a look at its timeline

Pinterest has come a long way since its launch in 2010, and recently made good on CEO Ben Silbermann’s promise to redesign profiles on the site. Check out the list below to see Pinterest’s rise to the top. March 2010: Pinterest is launched to a closed beta, and later moved to the email invite system [...]


So Do You Like Google+?

You’ve heard all the gossip and rumors floating around that Google+ may someday replace Facebook as the number one social media site.  The reasons people think this are many and varied, but the general consensus seems to be that Google+ does a lot of what Facebook does –it just does it so much better and [...]


Does Google+ Depend on Women Users?

The intertubes have been alight with talk of emerging social networking sites of late.  And no social networking site has been more talked-about lately than Google+.  Google+ has been lauded as the “new and improved” Facebook.  Predictions that it is only a matter of time before Google+ steals Facebook’s business have abounded, and may not [...]


The TRYX on you.

After breaking two cameras last year its time to buy a new one. After stalking CES 2011, I finally found a camera that looked relatively easy to use and super WACK in features and capabilities. Introducing the Casio TRYX, a camera that is a must have for photographers out there looking for a fun alternative [...]