Cut The Cable Cord Without Cutting Your Viewing Options – And Save Serious Cash

It’s a new year and a great time to look at the budget for places to save. Your cable might be a great place to start. There have been a lot of really nice advances in the past few years with online options, but there have also been some recent updates that might make it [...]


If You Have NetFlix, You’ll Want to See This

More than I love useful online services and clever puns, I love Netflix movie marathons. So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon A Better Queue. It’s a simple concept brought to live with intuitive controls. Instead of having to rely on Netflix’s rudimentary recommendation and rating system, this website gives you all [...]

plex is Your Own Personal Netflix; Lets You Stream Movies to Any Device, Anywhere, For Free

If you’re anything like me, you have hundreds of gigs, if not several terabytes worth of movies stored on your computer or external hard drive. Besides sitting at your desk or curling up in bed with a blazing hot laptop, what’s the best way to enjoy your flicks? On the big screen in your living [...]


Chromecast Adds WatchESPN And Major League Soccer Functionality Just In Time For World Cup And NBA Finals

Chromecast is everyone’s favorite $35 HDMI dongle for streaming content from smartphones, tablets, or computers to a TV, but up until now, the services that officially support Chromecast streaming have been fairly limited. A big announcement this week changed the game — especially for sports fans — with the addition of WatchESPN and Major League [...]


Why YOU Should Care About Net Neutrality and the FCC’s Attempts to Control the Internet

Highlights: FCC’s ‘Open Internet’ proposal advances to the next round of hearings. Paying for Internet could become like subscribing to cable TV with bundles and packages. You’ll pay more for the ‘Open Internet’ and so will the content providers. The FCC wants your comments within the next 60 days. Please submit them here. —– Money [...]


Xbox Will No Longer Require ‘Gold’ Subscription For Netflix And Hulu Access

Microsoft will soon announce that a premium “Xbox Live Gold” subscription will no longer be required to use streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu on the game consoles Xbox 360 and Xbox One, reports from Arstechnica this week suggested. Currently, Xbox users who want to watch streaming video content on their game consoles must subscribe [...]


New Netflix Streaming Prices

Netflix announced this morning an update to their Streaming Plans and Prices. Starting today, the $7.99 streaming plan will now be $8.99/month. This applies to all new members. All previous members will stay at the same $7.99/month price for the next two years. With this subscription, you can watch HD TV and movies on 2 [...]


How Much Of Your Life Have You Spent Watching TV?

We can watch on our TV’s, computers, tablets, phones, and maybe in a few years our wristwatches. Streaming has opened up a world of current and past TV shows that are begging us to binge watch. Now, can help us calculate the bitter truth. Just how many days of our lives have we spent [...]


Explained: How Does Apple TV Work?

If you’ve ever wondered how Apple TV works, we’ve got answers for you. The streaming media box that connects to your TV is really nothing more than a stripped down iPhone without a screen. It runs Apple’s A5 processor, the same as the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. It runs a modified version of iOS, [...]


How Does Chromecast Work?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Chromecast. The commercials make it seem like magic. And let’s be honest, the best technologies always seem that way. Simply put, Chromecast allows you to play online content on your TV. It works with a variety of apps that you probably already have downloaded on [...]

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