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How To Keep Track Of Business Contacts With Days App

Sometimes I find large conferences overwhelming.  With thousands of potential contacts milling about, leading to numerous new friends and business opportunities, I also find it hard to properly organize and keep track of each new relationship. Say hello to the Days app, by Wander.  I previously wrote about Days but focused on using the app [...]


How To Network At SXSW

Are you one of the lucky 49,000 or so to attend SXSW this year? If so, enjoy every moment. Your days will be full of classes, innovative booths, exciting company announcements, and your nights will be filled with, well, a lot of happening parties. There’s a reason this could be argued the top multimedia conference [...]


The Twitter side of the real-time social network war

I wanted to write a three part post that covered the developments of Twitter, and Changes at Twitter are shaping the future of real-time social sharing. Twitter’s Decision This didn’t start a couple months ago, all of this started back in the beginning when Twitter made their decision. They decided rather than a [...]

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Chirpify: Exploring Twitter Commerce

Twitter recently took a new turn through Chirpify, a Portland, Oregon startup company looking to use the exploding network as a commerce platform. Chirpify unveiled its all-in-one tool last week, that allows users to monetize their tweets by tapping into PayPal. Chirpify can be used in three different ways; through Chirpify Commerce which focuses on [...]

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Simple Tips and Tricks For Your Next Job Search

With the troublesome economy and global credit crisis, now is one of the most difficult and challenging times to look for a job. Job searches can be unrewarding and frustrating, leading to dead-end interviews and unfulfilling positions. Keeping that in mind, it is important to execute your search correctly and efficiently. So start your job [...]

LED light

New wireless networking can use LED light instead of radio

Light bulbs can now transmit data by flickering faster than the human eye can perceive. Harald Haas recently presented this idea at TED. This capability enables us to have wireless networks with the following four benefits: Security With normal wi-fi, neighbors and people on the street can use your wi-fi. On this LED wireless network, [...]


Japanese nuclear plant launches Twitter page

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) recently launched a twitter page that allows users to follow the plant damages caused by the horrific earthquake. TEPCO is using the page to confer any information about safety concerns on radiation leaks. In its first day, the page had well over 200,000 followers. While you may want to [...]


Everloop- Facebook for Ages 8-13; Step in the Wrong Direction?

Everloop, a social networking site for ages 8-13 has plans to launch in a huge number of schools. The site is like a more “age appropriate” version of Facebook. It uses the same format, with a few important differences. The first is that kids have to have parental approval to sign up for the site. [...]


Facebook Office in Hong Kong, Will the Rest of China ever Follow?

In its effort for global domination, Facebook has just announced that it will open an additional office in Hong-Kong. The site is going increasingly global and its popularity world-wide is ever-increasing. This move opens up the question of if Facebook will ever reach the rest of China. It has been banned in China since 2009, [...]


Woman Who Was Fired Over Facebook Status Begins Trial

Almost two months ago, medical transportation company employee Dawnemarie Souza was fired for posting an “offensive” status on Facebook. In fairness, the post was a vulgar rant about a disagreement at work with her current boss. Souza was fired from the company for violating an “online badmouthing” provision. The case is now under review by [...]