An iPad steering gadget for the serious gamer

A square iPad doesn’t always feel right when you play a racing game and need to turn the device side to side to turn your race car. Kolos has created a steering wheel product that should make you feel like you’re in an arcade when you’re playing that iPad racing game. Flying and Racing With [...]

ipad update

The iPad 4th Gen: An upgrade or a downgrade?

Haters are going to hate. I’m not even a hater, and I’m going to hate for a couple hundred words at least. If we had only known the next generation iPad was coming out we could have all put in our requests. Instead we get stuck with the tock of a new tick-tock product update [...]


The iPad Mini will have a rounded edge

Like I said yesterday, the latest leaked backplate looks to me as if the device will have more rounded edges than the current iPads and iPod touches. I expect a similar feel to the first generation iPhone – which is actually an aesthetic I personally miss. The pictures show a number of details of the [...]


eBay Redesigned the iPad App. Why? For Users. Not for Apple. (via @jkhowland)

Any website called Beautiful Pixels has my attention. Mikhail Madnani, reviewed the new 2.0 release of the iPad app from eBay. Sometimes it’s surprising that companies don’t support the latest features of the iPad, like the retina display. Sometimes it’s surprising when they do. Company of design? eBay isn’t exactly known for it’s impressive design. [...]


Evernote is taking handwriting seriously – Acquires Penultimate. (via @jkhowland)

I have always been disappointed in the lack of ink notes in the Evernote iPad app. In fact, it’s the reason I left Evernote for Penultimate and Simplenote. I recently suggested that Evernote should acquire an ink app. Evernote Acquires Penultimate Cocoa Box is the development house behind Penultimate. The app is beautifully simple, and [...]


The iPad has become the new Apple gateway drug

SlashGear is calling the iPad a gateway drug. Because the iPad has been highly successful at drawing new customers to Apple. A new study has found that about 25 percent of buyers in the U.S. have made the iPad their first-ever Apple product. NPD Group also released data in its “Apple Ecosystem Study” that showed [...]


Tegra 3 vs. A5X – Does it really matter? (via @jkhowland)

I can’t find any hands on reviews that validate Asus’s claim that the Transformer Prime gets 12 hours mobile on a charge. But if the device really has that kind of battery life then Nvidia has stepped it up big time with their chips. For the user this isn’t just about battery, and it’s not [...]

real men wear pink and have a white iphone

White iPad or Black iPad? (via @jkhowland)

So you’re trying to decide if you should get a white or black iPad huh? Maybe thinking about getting a white iPhone next time? If you want some advice, here are a couple of the most popular arguments: Arguments I hate – “The white iPad in practice does not make sense. the ipad is used [...]


‘One ad to rule them all.’ – Advertising for the iPad 2, the New iPad, and the New New iPad

Has Apple reached ‘mass market’ yet? How will we know when they do? The iPad and iPhone are being bought up so swiftly that it would be silly to believe that only hipsters and early adopters are the buyers. It’s our grandmothers and cousins that are the latest buyers of the iPad. Advertising to the [...]


DisplayMate: iPad picture quality, color accuracy, and gray scale much better than most HDTVs, laptops, and monitors

A lot has been said about the Retina display. We’ve “seen it before”, “never seen anything like it”, “been disappointed again”, or “been blessed by the Apple gods”. The resposes seem hot and cold. Do you want to know why the response is unclear: From a practical perspective the new iPad screen went beyond a [...]

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